How To Deal With The IRS: Give Them More Money! (Seriously, this is news)

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July 4, 2013 by Liberty

IRS Planning Document

IRS Planning Document

I can’t tell if I feel the need to laugh or cry at the report made by Nina Olsen (a taxpayer advocate of all things) that suggests the solution to the IRS problem is with an increase in the IRS’s budget.

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Anarchist, you should be absolutely disgusted by this. IRS officials are pleading the fifth repeatedly on the stand. They’re admitting certain political affiliations were targeted. Now, their “TAXPAYER advocate” is claiming that they need more money in their budget to solve the problem.

The IRS has been using the money and resources they have to target certain political groups. They’re claiming the solution to that problem is more money.

That’s like a drug addict saying the solution to their drug problem is more drugs.

That’s like an alcoholic claiming the solution to their hangover is more drinking.

That’s like a prostitute saying that the solution to an STD is more prostitution to buy healthcare.

This is the most ridiculous load of bull imaginable.

Here’s the scary part:


It’s Going To Happen

The IRS budget is going to be increased. They’re going to create more “objective” IRS oversight to ensure that all of the unconstitutional IRS activities become legal. They’re also going to spread how well the IRS is following the law.

It’s seems like the obvious solution. Just like the Whistleblower Protection Act is the obvious solution to protecting government whistleblowers like Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning. Oh wait…

Perhaps we need to rethink this idea of asking the people that created the problem to solve the problem?

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