7 Prepper Tips That Your Wallet Will Love


February 14, 2013 by Liberty

One of the best ways to stay prepared for any potential disaster is by ensuring that you have the adequate resources to handle them. Some people treat prepping like it’s a fashion trend that you’re supposed to try and keep up with. They focus on getting the newest and best tools for “survival.” Here are 7 different prepper tips to get you prepared on a budget.

1. Diversify your precious metal purchases.

While gold is the most common choice, there is no way to know which precious metal will end up being the go to currency. In fact, every major precious metal would have some market. Gold certainly won’t be too useful in small barter arrangements if its value continues to increase. Include some silver and other metals to ensure that you have the right resources for the right situation.

2. Don’t overstock on food

Consider this, you buy tons of cans of food and store them for the big collapse. You might have even showed them off to a few of your friends. We cannot predict the day that anything is going to go wrong. That means that all the food you purchase might have to go to waste from waiting too long. More food is not always the solution. In fact, if anyone knows that you have it then it might just make you a target. Aim to get enough food to survive for a while but don’t bet the farm on it.

3. Eat your prep food regularly

If you eat your prep food regularly anyway then you can constantly rotate your shelves with newer and farther from expiration foods. While it’s not needed with many foods, the extra insurance policy can keep your food good longer. It also means that you’ll be ready and used to eating for the disaster before it happens.

4. Don’t buy specialized boxes

You’re just wasting your money on the attractive packaging. Unless you have the money to waste completely then you should just pass on them. There is nothing special about most of this food.

5. Focus on survival skills that you can make an income of off today and after

We’re all going to need survival skills if the collapse occurs. If you’re not already taking a class or learning a skill through another means then you need to get started. It’s best to find skills that you can use to make an income. If you can make an income of it today then you’ll be able to make money while learning the skill more and more. It also means that you’ll probably still be able to sell training for that skill afterwards. At that time, the market will be desperate for survival skills and profit will likely be consistent.

6. Today matters too

Don’t spend all of your excess money on prepping needs. Trying to predict how things will go down is virtually impossible. That makes prepping an art more than a science. A collapse is much more likely to be something that no one could have ever dreamed up. That means all the prep in the world won’t guarantee anything.

7. Get out of the dollar (or partially)

The dollar is not a safe currency to keep your money. In as little as a few years it could just be pieces of paper. The value is dropping faster than anyone would have predicted a few years ago. Limit your exposure to the dollar by investing in precious metals or splitting your money among different stable currencies.

That being said, don’t be surprised if the dollar doesn’t take a dive tomorrow. There have been collapse predictions for decades now. While I would argue it’s becoming more and more likely, there is no way to count on the specific day.

One of the most important things that you can take from this is to focus on the broad solutions instead of the narrow. We will not be able to predict the future. The more options you have with your prepping, the better off you will be. With these prepper tips you’ll do better than 99.9% of the population.

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