Ben Bernanke Salary – Don’t Audit The Fed


February 19, 2013 by Liberty


Ben Bernanke Salary is $196,700.

What he gets paid over the table really isn’t of any interest to me. I mean, $200,000 is barely going to purchase a loaf of bread after inflation kicks in. The question we need to ask is where else is he getting his money.

Ben Bernanke does not have to work within the confines of the US government. He is completely free to give away non-existent money at will. That means that the value of all US dollars in circulation lower without the consent of the people of the United States. It receives no checks and balances. It’s an independent organization that has a monopoly on printing invisible money but doesn’t have a single check or balance to ensure it’s legitimacy.

The federal reserve is not a function of the US government. It is it’s own government that cannot be touched. They hold the power of money. The one that holds the power of your money has the ability to control you in any way that they like. We cannot allow this second layer of government to exist and ruin the markets of the US for their own profits.

Why has the federal reserve never been audited? It’s been around for a hundred years but no one is allowed to look into its books. The excuse the use for not allowing an audit is even more absurd. It’s like they’re screaming “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”


Auditing the fed is a waste of this country’s time and energy. They will not provide incriminating documents. They will not participate lightly. All we will be provided is mush to clog the system. They’re a criminal organization being paid for with US dollars.

They will not allow the audit to be successful in finding anything.

The Federal Reserve needs to be shut down and Bernanke needs to go back to teaching. (You know what they say about teachers.)

Am I crazy to think that?

One thought on “Ben Bernanke Salary – Don’t Audit The Fed

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