Professor Walter Williams


February 20, 2013 by Liberty

Professor Walter Williams has a special way of speaking about libertarian issues in an unbelievably direct way without sounding pompous and offensive. It’s a quality that I’ve always lacked but I certainly respect it when I see it.

Williams on Gun Control


“People in Washington, and in your state capital, in your newspaper, they’re telling you that, they’re suggesting that the framers of the constitution gave us a second amendment so we can go deer and duck hunting, and maybe for you to shoot a few clay pigeons over the weekend.”

I remember seeing a politician saying that he supported someones right to hunt animals. I had a similar thought. That part of the constitution isn’t meant for killing deer. It’s meant for “stopping” aggressive politicians that try to walk all over a person’s constitutional rights.

Williams on Public Schools


“If I was the grand dragon of the Ku Klux Clan and I wanted to sabotage black education, I could not find a better way to do so than the current government schools in most cities.”

Professor Walter Williams hit the nail on the head with that line. People tend to question what would happen without a public “education” system. Now, no one can predict the future but my guess is that without public “education” someone might actually be able to get educated.
Williams on Organ Marketing


“If you cannot bequeath (pass on) something, what’s the optimal balance to leave here? It’s zero.”

This line is so fundamentally linked to libertarian philosophy but I never really considered it this directly before. I’ve understood it in a long and roundabout way but never in such a simple way. You care about that which you have an investment in. It’s everything in the free market.

 Williams on Reparations


“I personally think that slave owners should make payments to slaves for the injustices” (Laughs)

I love that line’s delivery.

 Williams on Social Security


“I believe that it is possible through a private retirement plan for most people on retirement to, lets say the average worker, to be almost a millionaire. Almost no question. And the stock market in any twenty year interval has returned something like 10%-12% and social security is sometimes 1% or even a negative.”

Just watch the rest to see Professor Walter Williams going into the depths of libertarian philosophy like it’s nothing. The aggressive nature of many libertarians leads to a sounding a bit like a conspiracy nut job. Williams takes his time with this answer to slowly bring everyone into the deepest and most important point. I love the way he works.

Any other great libertarian speakers that you like to see?

2 thoughts on “Professor Walter Williams

  1. Excellent Insights! Thanks!

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