2 Problems With The US Constitution


February 21, 2013 by Liberty


There are two major problems with the US constitution that need to be addressed before any progress can possibly be made in America. Year after year the government has stripped away the rights granted by the Constitution. That leaves one of two possibilities. Either, our constitution granted politicians the right to bypass, avoid, and ignore the constitution or the constitution of the United States didn’t prevent it.

The framers of the constitution came from a nation of tyranny and put their lives on the line to create a country that wouldn’t succumb to it. They didn’t want to have to go through their government for religious ceremonies (marriage). They didn’t want the government telling them they can’t protect themselves (gun laws). They didn’t want the government taxing them without a say in the matter (government debt, political lies.) They didn’t want to be illegally searched (Patriot act.) They wanted their politicians to be accountable when they broke these rules (2 terms for the 2 most unconstitutional leaders in history?)

There are two fundamental problems with the US Constitution:

#1 It’s Just Words

Interpretation of the US constitution can happen in any of ten million different ways. There is no set in stone way of interpreting it. Logic suggests we’d take it by the words and the meanings of those words. Unfortunately, the argument that it needs to be “reinterpreted” over time has taken off. The politicians say, the framers didn’t intend this, despite the fact that they said it (or didn’t say it.)

All records indicate that the framers of the US constitution were borderline philosophers in the way they wrote the constitution. They knew what every word meant when they wrote it. They argued for hours about the wording to get it right. They avoided writing particularly timely details because they intended it to last a very long time. The idea that the Constitution can be interpreted in a new way in bunk. It can be changed but it cannot be reinterpreted. That’s a blatant insult to common sense.

There are a lot of individual problems with the US Constitution but quite frankly, they could theoretically be changed by a competent congress. There are even some smaller areas of doubt in the interpretation that come from the evolution of language over time. A competent congress could deal with this.

I believe that the Constitution was written by some of the most peace loving intelligent men in history but no logical man could have predicted how absurdly the government could pervert the words of the Constitution to mean whatever they want.

#2 It’s Just Paper

Paper cannot protect your rights.

There is a major misunderstanding of rights that people have these days. People tend to believe that rights are granted by their government. They believe that government is what makes them free. Government will not make you free because government does not have compassion. Government doesn’t exist. It’s not human. It’s a machine that processes human beings. The constitution of the United States cannot protect you. It will not protect you. You can only be protected by people.

The people that protect you may come in the name of government. They might say that they’re public officials. They may be your friends. More often than not though, no one will protect your rights. Quite frankly, it’s impossible for someone else to spend their time worrying about you.

You need to be the one that always protects your rights. No one can take your rights away from you without your consent. It’s your decision to follow unconstitutional laws. It’s your decision to give into their threats.

Paper has not saved you. It will not save you.

The problems with the US constitution can’t be solved completely with a new Constitution. In fact, all problems with the constitution can be solved by one thing.


The Constitution makes the assumption that people need a document to tell them what is acceptable to do and what is not acceptable.

The first problem with that is that we assume we are ethical and correct. Throughout history, all tyrants thought they were doing something for the greater good.

The second problem is that we think people will actually follow the rules we set. One trip on a highway and you’ll understand the anarchy of laws that exist when you realize almost everyone speeds.

If you put that thought aside you can get into the real power of society. When people make their own rules they play nicer, they get farther, and they improve their world more.

We need to put aside the thought of a government Constitution and start encouraging a “personal constitution”. I don’t mean in a complicated written one but a basic understanding of who really grants you your rights.

Those 2 problems with the US Constitution can be solved like they’re nothing (and most other major societal problems) if people just start to take responsibility for themselves.

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