Drone Strikes Under Obama versus Bush – Deaths of Terrorists versus Civilians?


February 27, 2013 by Liberty

ImagePredator drones are another of the great government creations of mass destruction. They’re wonderful for putting no valuable lives (us) at risk while killing thousands of the useless and dangerous people (them).

Bush started this practice in disgusting fashion. Over his term, he ended up using drone strikes 52 times for the systematic killing of terrorists (them.) This was in par with what most people thought of former President Bush. His general reputation was that of a patriotic (violent) fighter for American security ($$$.) While American security is a wonderful thing, many people accused him of going a wee-bit to far with the violence of drone strikes.

I’m glad that Obama didn’t fall into the trap of thinking that killing thousands of people with drone strikes is some kind of protection measure. Today, it’s great to see our leaders losing this violent reputation but wait…

He doesn’t have a violent reputation but…

Wait a second!

He used over 350 drone strikes. That makes him like 7 times worse than Bush. I guess he got our troops home right? ..? No… okay… running out of positives.

Drone strikes are one of the most insane military creations in history. Many people don’t even see the problems with using them. Most people see them as a targeted way to kill bad people. The truth is, it’s not targeted. Leaked information specifically stated that more civilians are killed from drone strikes than terrorists.

The reports don’t show that though…

It must be lying on internal documents right. The report must always be 100% accurate.

Even according to the government report it’s disgusting.

Up to 3461 people were reported killed by drone stikes. Up to 891 of them were reported civilians.

So… according to the government they have a 25% error rate. 25 out of 100 people that are killed aren’t involved in terrorism. Assuming their report is accurate, that is still embarrassing.

The drone strikes under Obama have not slowed down. They are speeding up. They are killing more and more people because of the sanction that they receive. The majority of the country doesn’t give two hoots about it (as long as they get their government subsidy, right?)

When the drone strikes under Obama start coming for us, I guess we’ll have no one else to blame but ourselves. Perhaps this will be a good cautionary tale for future generations in a more peaceful time.

It won’t get better without some major changes for a lot of people.

Is there a way to protest the drone strikes? I personally believe it’s too late to try to go through any systematic means of ending this kind of behavior. All the treaties in the world couldn’t end the nuke. Short of an Atlas Shrugged kind of moment, you can’t expect that their are any planned movements that can make a difference. The only way that a difference can be made is through the individual sharing of this kind of information. While libertarians have been preaching for decades and made almost no progress, hope can come from the technologies that evolved.

We just have to hope that independent innovation moves faster than drone technology does.

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