Effects of School Budget Cuts – The Violence of Misinformation


February 28, 2013 by Liberty

Now, I made a big mistake and tuned on a Sunday morning political television show. I regret it. Please don’t judge me too harshly.

I couldn’t help but laugh at half of the things that were being said. The commentators asked a number of questions that perfectly adhered to what the politicians always say. Then the politicians delivered the same old muck (not too convincingly, might I add.) It was the most blatant form of propaganda that I’ve noticed in my life.

At least commercials have a little bit of subtly in there propaganda. I often see a beer commercial and think, I’d like a beer but then I realize the following: After I have a beer, I will not be on a beach with skimpily dressed women dancing to some awesome club music. I will not have charming friends dressed like they could be celebrities. I will not be the center of attention. I know all this but the message still stuck a little bit. (Maybe it would work?)

The questions being asked to the politicians were absolutely ridiculous. “What will you do to stop the impending effects of school budget cuts?”

Two obvious assumptions:

#1 They will try to stop it.

#2 Stopping the budget cuts is positive.

The typical answer:

We will have work together to find a solution that doesn’t hurt anyone. We need to do it for the children.

That typical answer is even more ridiculous. If the politicians actually cared about the children then they wouldn’t leave the children with trillions of dollars worth of debt they can’t afford. If they really cared about the children then they’d discuss the ethics of kidnapping them 5 days a week. Perhaps they’d lock up fewer of their father’s for having the wrong plant in their drawer.

The effects of school budget cuts are not that complicated:

First thing, political positions will be lost and people will whine about it. People will show up saying “I’m a teacher that’s now starving” (because I’ve built my career without actually being a marketable employee and refuse to start at the bottom again.) A few people will genuinely have problems. They will be ignored for the people that just complain with no real problems.

Next, schools will be forced to reduce the resources they use to indoctrinate children. This reduction will create more opportunities for children to grow in a more natural environment instead of one surrounded by like-aged individuals. Schools will continue to educate because people genuinely care about educating children. Volunteers in schools will increase but they will be less willing to conform with unethical policy decisions. That means schools will need to reduce their power. That creates more independent thinkers and less jocks that go to school only for football (or whatever other silly reason).

The effects of school budget cuts are positive but there is nothing dramatic about problems being alleviated. The media will highlight the problems and the people will assume the dramatizations mean something valuable.

The propaganda isn’t even all that subtle. I hope that they can at least have the decency to lie to us like we’re not complete idiots.

One thought on “Effects of School Budget Cuts – The Violence of Misinformation

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