The Most Libertarian State In America


March 1, 2013 by Liberty

Theoretically speaking at least, the constitution of the United States gives each state the right to have local enforcement of their own laws. Those laws have a major impact on day to day life. Some states regulate seat belts, smoking, massage therapy, raw milk and just about everything else that is an individual choice. If you’re looking to find a place where you have the most freedoms of all, you’re going to need to compromise. There is no one most libertarian state in the country (one potential contender but not yet.)

There are a number of different states that seem to have specific rights based on what your preferences are. Selecting the best state for you might become a problem. Do you prefer economic liberty or personal liberty?

I want to note that this is the start of a three article series on Libertarian Locales. Switching states can help but you still need to follow the federal rules. Next I’m going to be going over the most libertarian country in the world. That’s going to make everything a bit more complicated. Last, I’m going to go over the most important thing you need to understand to improve your local freedoms.

Best Overall: New Hampshire

There is a lot of economic liberty in New Hampshire. There are a number of tax benefits that make it a very attractive state to call home. It’s personal liberty is lacking significantly compared to some other states but it’s still within the best in the nation.

One of the best advantages to New Hampshire at this time is the Free State Project. That’s a large group of libertarians that are trying to transport twenty-thousand libertarians into New Hampshire to make a political impact. While they’re getting good numbers, they’re also facing a number of major hiccups. Don’t assume it’s going to come together anytime soon. A lot of work needs to be done.

Economic Liberty: Colorado Or South Dakota

Colorado is one of the least centralized governments in the country. It has a very low tax burden for its residents. On the personal liberty front, it’s not ideal. It has some great freedoms but it also lacks a number of important ones. There are a number of smoking laws against cigarettes. There aren’t quite as many against marijuana. (Update: The laws are even better now.)

South Dakota is a more libertarian state economically than Colorado but it gets even worse on the personal liberty front. It’s gun and gambling is a positive but private schools are led with a heavy hand and a number of drug crimes are prosecuted very harshly.

Personal Liberty: Texas

Texas is a great state for personal liberty. It’s great for people that like to enjoy alcohol and hate cops unethical invasions. It also has great opportunities for schooling. It doesn’t do too bad on the economic freedom scale either. I personally see Texas as one of the best choices available.

Least Libertarian States

New York
New Jersey

These are the states that would rank on the low end of the most libertarian states. They are where you don’t want to spend your libertarian life suffering through. There are a number of scattered freedoms in these states but the vast majority of them insist upon massive government control.

Would you like to live in the most libertarian state? How about the most libertarian country?

This is a part of the:

Libertarian Locales Series

Part 1:
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Part 2: You’re already here!
The Most Libertarian State In America

Part 3:
Libertarian Rights Don’t Come From Government
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13 thoughts on “The Most Libertarian State In America

  1. […] *I got this from Libertarian Money and I give credit to the blogger. I just simply did not want to re-blog the post as it wouldn’t allow me (as far as I know) to categorize it under and where I wanted it to be. No forgery is intended. The original post from Libertarian Money can be accessed here. […]

  2. I’m honestly surprised Massachusetts didn’t make your mini-list of the least libertarian states. Take a trip to Boston or Logan Airport and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

    • wordpressandstuff says:

      Nah. NY/NJ seem substantially worse than the rest of the nation. The taxes are way higher than in MA. Heck, you cannot even pump your own gas in NJ… At least MA as decriminalization and medical marijuana. Actually, MA was has the least bad decriminalization law in the Eastern US.

  3. […] Part 2: The Most Libertarian State In America […]

  4. I live in Texas. You are way off here. No refusal DWI checkpoints, voter ID required, strict abortion rules (relative to other States), attempts to force HPV vaccinations on children, anti-gay, anti-breast-feeding (although the State Law does state a woman has the right to breast feed anywhere she is allowed to be, most elected officials are against it), smoking bans (not that I’m against that), anti-marijuana, no liquor sales before noon on Sunday, crony capitalism at every turn (F1 track, tax funded football stadiums, tax breaks to tech corporations). Pathetic examples of a Libertarian state, indeed.

    • Joseph says:

      I agree. There’s a lot of “personal liberty” in Texas if you are a straight, white, man. But otherwise, you are better off in California. I have lived in both.

  5. Phronesis says:

    Reblogged this on My Uncommon [two] Sense and commented:
    Always have found these kinds of list fun.

  6. wordpressandstuff says:

    New Hampshire has a lot of little personal freedoms that you don’t see in other states. It’s the only state without an adult seat belt law, a learner’s permit for driving, an auto insurance requirement or automatic license plate readers. Red light and speeding cameras that issue tickets have never existed in NH. Children has always been allowed to carry guns in NH, both openly and concealed. There are no knife laws except for ex-felons/felons. Ex-felons are allowed to vote. The only state without a general state or local sales tax and also no wage tax. Along with Alaska, New Hampshire is the only state with communities without property taxes. It also has by far the most economic freedom in the Northeast.

    As for the Free State Project, check it out.

  7. Janos Szabo says:

    The p.r. image of Texas as some sort of sanctuary of freedom and proving ground for rugged individualism couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s rapidly descending into a violent eugenics nanny-state hellhole.

    All newborns are now subject to seizure by the state and their blood subject to search for genetic defects. Obligatory medical treatment may ensue.

    • leaving texas says:

      Just had cps called on us after we withdrew our child from public school, suddenly. They cited drug abuse and neglect with no basis for either. I find it odd that my child went to that school for over 6 months before that and never had CPS called on us, but once we removed them from the nanny-state, instant call and follow up with every acquaintance we know! Texas is a nightmare and I am leaving it.

  8. […] The Most Libertarian State In America […]

  9. Wow, I had no idea about New Hampshire. I figured Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming would have been contenders for best Libertarian states.

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