Libertarian Rights Don’t Come From Government


March 5, 2013 by Liberty


Final part of the series of Libertarian locales is the most important of all…

When the constitution was written, it was intended to provide inalienable rights to the citizens of the United States. The only function of the government was meant to be in the protection of these rights.

People were granted the right of freedom of speech to ensure that no one in the name of government attempted to take away that right. People were granted the right to bear arms to protect themselves from government overstepping it’s boundaries. People were granted rights that had been taken by previous oppressive governments in history. There was a problem with this plan though…

All the libertarian rights that we thought we had are gone.

The framers of the constitution were geniuses. They created a rock hard constitution that made the rights of the individual paramount. I really don’t think that anyone could have written anything significantly better without the direct ability to predict the future. Who would have thought government would be this capable of unreasonable search and seizure? Who would have thought government would be able to do the things that it can now get away with? Few reasonable men could have imagined such an absurd set of circumstances but they certainly came closer than I think I could have. They wrote the right set of words… This is where the problem comes in.

Paper Rights

Constitution_of_the_United_States,_page_1No one listened to the constitution. In fact, no reasonable person should follow a sheet of paper without a basic understanding of why they’re doing it. Every year the constitution was sacrificed a little bit more and then a little bit more until there was absolutely nothing left worth worrying about. Just about every constitutional right that was granted was taken away within 200 years.

We should probably be surprised that some of these rights lasted as long as they did but now we have to face the facts. The constitution means nothing to the people in power. The rights of the individual are looked down upon by the majority of society. The reasons the constitution was written have been distorted beyond belief to the point that the average citizen can’t recognize what unconstitutional means.

It’s about time that we face the facts and admit that we’ve gotten a bit off track with attempting to let a piece of paper do our protection for us.

Where You Get Your Libertarian Rights

You do not get your rights from the constitution. If you don’t believe it then read the constitution and tell me how many of those rights actually exist unpolluted by government regulation. There are no constitutional rights for individuals. Your constitutional rights just don’t matter to the people that are running your government and everyone just needs to admit it. That doesn’t mean you don’t have rights though.

Where did people get their rights before the constitution? The king? The ruler? The (insert person with guns here)? We’ve never received our rights from an authority figure. All we can get from government authorities is a loss of our rights. There is absolutely no exception to the rule.

Government protection does not provide you the right of life. It takes away your right to defend yourself. It takes away your right to do with your money what you want. It takes away your right to show disagreement with the people that you’re forced to punish.

Government education doesn’t provide your child a right to be educated. It takes away your right of your child to be free. It takes away your child’s right to be educated in the way they chose. It takes away your right to do with your money as you please. It can be seen with absolutely every government program.

Political philosophies are nothing but violence justifications. They describe when is it appropriate to use violence to get what you want from people. There are less violent ways to provide everything that government claims to provide.

What You Need To Do?

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re living under the freest government in the world or the most oppressive government in the world, your right only come from yourself. You are the only one that can protect your rights. Government has always shown its unwillingness to provide your freedoms. Step up and tell the government that you don’t actually need them to start pulling guns for you.

Live your life.

Forget about the hands reaching into your pocket. It won’t do you any good.

Some people spend their lives hating the government, protesting, and becoming more and more violent about it but it’s just not worth it. They’re the crazy ones. Not you. Let it settle in your stomach. The more government gets to you the more of your rights that they take away. The more you resist the more that they’re in control. Pay the ransom or don’t pay the ransom but live your life.

Make your own personal decisions of what’s important for your life. Then live it. Nowhere in the world will give you more freedom than you can find inside of yourself. Your libertarian rights don’t come from anyone else pointing a gun for you. They come from you not participating in the violence and living your life.

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Libertarian Rights Don’t Come From Government
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7 thoughts on “Libertarian Rights Don’t Come From Government

  1. Joseph Larrew says:

    The more I read your articles it seems, the more grammatical/funny errors I find. This article in particular has my favorite one so far. Last paragraph, second to last sentence: Your libertarian rights don’t come from anyone else pointing a “fun” for you.

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  3. […] 3: You’re already here! Libertarian Rights Don’t Come From Government Be sure to follow this blog using the buttons in the […]

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  5. Laurie says:

    What are “there rights”? I assume you mean “their rights”. Also, genius’s implies that you are going to name some possession of the genius or GENIUSES.

    I love the message in this article, but I have a hard time sharing because of the grammatical errors. They really detract from your credibility, which is a shame because, like I said, your message is great. I’m not saying this to be disrespectful, only to help.

    • Liberty says:

      You’re right. This site needs some serious clean up. Many of these articles were written without a proper editing process. Thanks for the comment.

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