Political Freedom is An Oxymoron


March 13, 2013 by Liberty

ImageThis may sound confusing but it’s well worth the interpretation:

People fought for their right to fight for their right but you don’t need to fight for your right to fight for your rights because you might as well be fighting for your rights instead of fighting for your right to fight for your right.

There is an all too common connection that people make between political action and freedom. People get this weird association between the two. Politics and freedom are virtually the exact opposite when considering the two from a macro perspective. Politics are a restriction upon freedom (that’s apparently intending to improve freedoms for everyone.) Freedom is the lack of restrictions.

The Problem With The Problem Is That We Ignore The Problem

Feminist_Suffrage_Parade_in_New_York_City,_1912 It’s been common for every minority that’s been fighting for their rights. They march out into the streets and insist upon their equality. They put up signs that go from friendly to offensive all asking for their political rights.

Let me rephrase that out of high school text book friendly language…

They put up signs that go from friendly to offensive all asking for their right to use violence as a means to oppress other people and get what they want over the needs of another minority.

Bear in mind, the smallest minority is the individual. The individuals are the ones that always are going to be at the bottom of political action because an individual has virtually no political power.

Just about everyone seems to believe this is somehow the fair way to do things. They completely ignore the fact that political rights aren’t what we should be fighting for. People waste days of their life holding signs that say something hoping that politicians or voters will listen.

For the most part, they spend their days doing that because they have noble intentions. They firmly believe that all people should have a fair shot at success and that no coercion should be involved in any man, woman, or child’s rights. They think that political rights are the way to make this happen. These are genuinely good people that want to make the world a better place but every time that they succeed in getting political rights they just take away natural human rights.

Political Rights Leads To People Getting Popped In The Streets

What harm could a right to vote possibly do? Right… It can’t be that bad… can it?

The right to vote is actually doing the exact opposite of what the minority that fought for that right for. When someone gets the right to vote and fights for that right, they are condoning the system in place. They are giving their explicit consent that the same system that exploited them and held them back is now an acceptable means for people to use.

Where it gets particularly scary is the fact that the minority still remains a minority in the voting booths. They don’t suddenly gain the power to change their political leaders because successful elections require majorities, not minorities. In fact, quality of life in a number of areas has actually become worse for a number of minorities after gaining their right to vote (not true in all cases thankfully.) The only ones to blame for this are the ones that supported the system that caused it. The ones that fought for political rights, fought for the ethical nature of their own lack of power.

They fought for people to use violence against them.

Self Satisfying System

Government will grow as long as people keep fighting for political freedom. This goes for every possible political right. If you take political action to legalize marijuana then you’re saying that government was justified to take it away the right in the first place. The only way that government will return the right is if they end up looking stupid like during alcohol prohibition and they feel the need to. The key is to not accept their political right to control you. Perhaps you might work around it but you should not be feeding the monster.

The funny thing is that government can help itself grow even faster by pushing through restrictive legislation (ObamaCare, etc.) People politically scream and holler about it. People say that we need to update our laws to prevent it. Corporations are smart enough to make it a barrier for their industry but it also make their company more reliant on the government laws. The government feeds off of every controversy that it creates. Government’s a gluttonous beast that will eat as much as it can for as long as we feed it

Political Rights Are Like The Sirens Call

They want you to fight for you political rights. They’ll be calling out to you. They’ll tell you to use the system that they have in place to try to earn your freedoms. They’ll try to convince you that it’s physically possible. They’ll tell you it’s the only way to make the change peacefully… but it’s not peaceful… For every right you gain through government you lose a right. There is no free lunch from your bookie. Don’t pay the toll and they’ll break your legs just as fast as look at you. They will use the weapons you give them against you.

You do not want their “political rights.” You want your rights.

You should fight for your rights.

You should never fight for your right to fight for your right.

You don’t need it. You already have it.

Your freedoms are ingrained in you as a human being not granted by a higher power.

Don’t even tie yourself to the mast to listen. Fill your ears with wax and pretend that the calls don’t exist. The way that you gain your freedom is not through violence. It’s through peaceful interactions.

Just like you can’t be free as a slave, you can’t be free with slaves. Mutual interaction is the key to freedom. That can only be had without the coercion. Political freedom doesn’t exist.

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