A Free Bradley Manning Is About As Likely As An Imprisoned President


March 20, 2013 by Liberty

The Bradley Manning story is one that received a lot of attention over the last year or two but it hasn’t received half of the attention that it should have.

The government does not play nice. It does not forgive. It does not let things go without a price being paid.

Bradley Manning did something that was completely stupid. If he’s had any experience on the planet earth then he knows it. For those that don’t know, he ended up leaking millions of documents to Wiki Leaks while working in the Army. To understand the real value of those documents watch the video he leaked below:


This video shows the murder and injury of a number of different innocents, including the ones that were trying to save the injured.

The government does not like the truth to be on the table. When we see a free Bradley Manning, it’s not going to be what we like.

America Doesn’t Care

asdfaThe government of the United States does not care about punishing Bradley Manning. Quite frankly, he probably means more to them alive then dead. They see Bradley Manning as a tool. Just as the government looks at every citizen. People are nothing but a means to get what they want.

A dead Bradley Manning will not do the government any good. People will get upset. People will argue that he was a martyr against the government’s cruelty. It will increase the tension between people and government. In fact, he was even put on suicide watch. They required him to take off his clothes and present himself naked after making a joke that he’d use his clothing to kill himself. The government does not want a dead Bradley Manning.

If a dead Bradley Manning doesn’t do them any good, then what would they want?

Based on the way they’re treating him, I think the answer is pretty clear.

The treatment that he’s been receiving has been called torture by a number of international organizations. Even something as simple as a joke was not without consequence for him. The goal of the government is not to lock Bradley Manning up for life. The goal of the government is to drive him completely mad and make him an example.

The Worst Thing For Freedom

Life altering torture could take decades. I wouldn’t expect a free Bradley Manning anytime soon but the best thing that can happen for the government is his ultimate release from prison after years of torture. While people currently see him as a whistle-blower, after years of torture, he’s going to come of talking a completely different story. If he doesn’t change then the government wouldn’t let him out anyway.

A free Bradley Manning will not come out of this situation. Assuming he gets out, he’s going to be a crazy, possibly violent, or a soon-to-be assassinated man. Suddenly the news about Bradley Manning will change. The media will see him acting like a maniac and preach, “We can’t let these crazy freedom of information people get out of prison!” Or… he will be too dead for his freedom to matter.

At that point the government can use him for their own personal agenda. Otherwise, he’s stuck.

Free Bradley Manning

I do think that, in a perfect world, Bradley Manning would be a free man. He believed in the freedom of information. He did something noble. He may have even expected to face the consequences. People often approach the free Bradley Manning pleas with hope but it just won’t happen.

Honestly, if we lived in a world of good then what Bradley Manning did wouldn’t be heroic, it would be what is expected. I see the story as a cautionary tale. The government is not on our side. The people sitting in government do not care about your freedom. They need to be treated with caution.

Just my advice:

Don’t attack the government.

Don’t break the laws in front of a cop.

Don’t skip out on taxes.

Don’t fight for good at the expense of government…

The government dies with good whether the government likes it or not.

Fight for the good that they don’t point a gun at you for. Pay the extortion. Follow the laws that don’t bother you and don’t try to be a martyr in a fight you won’t win. Use the freedoms you have to spread the message. They will continue to take them away but if the message of cooperation spreads far enough then real evil of that government will go away for good and never come back.

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