Weak Government: A Prescription For Growth


April 3, 2013 by Liberty

When people discuss the freedoms that they’re provided in any specific government, the normal conversation revolves around the rules that a government has in place. Limited rules is a positive but it’s only a small part of the equation. In fact, there is something that I would prefer to a government with only a few rules: A weak government provides more freedom than a powerful government with fewer restrictions. An example can demonstrate this clearly

King is a Hard Job But Somebody’s Got To Do It

A king is someone that has the power to control the rules of a country. Television shows and movies tend to make this King out to be the man that makes all difficult decisions. Stories sometimes talk about how a king dealt with a civil matter between his citizens. Imagine how challenging that would be.

What if you were a king that had 10000 people in the kingdom. Imagine how many conflicts come up for people daily. If the king provided any judgment for civil or criminal matters, he’d have a full time job. He’d be managing complaints daily. In fact, not only that but he’d be the most hated man in the land. Half of the citizens he worked with would hate him (even if they couldn’t say it.) That’s, of course, why a king would never be able to make the small decisions.

If a king did try to do that, he would fail miserably. They might make some friends but they’d also make way too many enemies. On top of that, they wouldn’t have the time to live up to other “important”noble duties like waving, and pretending to be important. Quite frankly, the king would be completely useless and the government would be weak.

People would be virtually free because the king couldn’t keep up.

Even if the king outlawed bread. People would still eat it because there is no practical means for the king to enforce it. With the thousands of potential criminal matters that the individual king would have to attend to, few would get handled.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see bakeries on every street of the kingdom. When a rule is not enforced (and cannot be enforced), people are willing to break it. Today we might think of that as the speed limit laws. Since they’re currently impossible to enforce, people don’t give a damn about breaking them. It doesn’t even matter if they do get screwed with a ticket every once in a while.

The king, instead of making all decisions, gathers people to enforce and judge his rules for him. He makes sure that they handle the day to day decisions and he gets to focus on eating and other important royal duties. Then again, he never wants to give away too many of the responsibilities because he has to maintain his own power. The more power he grants other people, the more useless he becomes. In fact, to provide himself with the most power, he’d attempt to spread to enforcers, judges, and management positions as thinly as possible (democracy perhaps). The more people involved in anything, the more power the king has, relatively speaking. It allows the king to get more power without risking his own power as much.

That’s what makes a monarchy turn from a weak government into a strong government.

Powerful Governments Are Not A Good Thing

People don’t fear government enough. Government is the most dangerous system in the world. It’s killed more people than anything else (except, possibly, religion.) Freedom cannot coexist with a strong government. A strong government even with few rules has a number of major problems.

The first and fundamental problem with a powerful government is the power of the government to expand. The United States was designed to be the cure to this. The constitution was meant to keep the government in line. It was meant to prevent the government from spying on citizens that disagree. It was meant to protect the rights of its people but… we all know how that experiment turned out.

It doesn’t matter what rules we set in place. A powerful government will grow. If we built a government solely for protection against foreign countries then the government would instantly have enough power to control virtually every aspect of life. That government would first insist on the authority to check up on citizens to make sure they’re not spies. That government would build barriers for the entry and exit of the country. That government would insist that it needs police to protect the people from embeded threats. All these things will fit within the scope of their duties to a scared population.

Imagine a weaker government. A weak government would attempt to implement these rules but the people would virtually ignore them. Business owners would not enforce record keeping policies. Airports would skip keeping track of people who come in and out. They would do this, not necessarily to spite the government but mostly because it’s cheaper and easier. Naturally, there would be exceptions but, for those, the government would need to be able to bribe the businesses. A weak government couldn’t get enough money to bribe anyone significant because weak governments don’t get much in taxes.

This may make one of the most important parts of this discussion clear…

Power Is Derived From The People

A weak government and a powerful government is not decided based on the rules people set in place. It’s decided based on the opinion of the people being ruled. Any government can be powerful if the people choose to place the government in power. What kind of actions give the government power?

Everything that complies with the rules that they set in place to your detriment: Paying taxes, calling police, voting, using public funds, following the speed limit (or basing your speed on it).

Does that mean that doing these things is in some way unethical?

I would split them into two different categories. The first is government rules that are not enforced (or have severely limited enforcement.) The second is things that are violently enforced. Rules that people follow, that are not enforced, include things like the speed limit. These are rules that exist but are ignored by the general population. The second include things that they’ll kidnap you for. That includes tax evasion, treason, killing, and all that other jail time stuff.

There is one more category that I should add.

Don’t Respect Your Government Officials

Things like patriotism, respecting police, and supporting politicians add to the power of government without them having to do any direct manipulation. That is the most dangerous form of government growth. The more people respect, trust, believe in, support, and even love their politicians, the more an unethical politician can take advantage of it for government growth.

We’ve all seen the politicians going against the constitution and the only reason that they can do this is because we think that they’re somehow more noble than the constitution. We give them that privilege with our respect.

We often treat people “that serve” in law enforcement and the military with respect solely because of their job. These are people that are supporting the crushing of the constitution. That’s the thing that these men and women swore to protect. They swore to protect it and then followed every unconstitutional order they received. If they were fighting for “our country” they would be fighting the government, not the people overseas, and certainly not the citizens that use their rights given by the constitution. But we all seem to excuse them, “They have a job to do…” That’s the excuse the Nazi’s used.

Weak government is the only government that might be worth having. You cannot trust the systems of government to stay small. We’ve seen the growth through the years. The only way to keep a government small is with your lack of support. I’m not saying to start breaking the laws for the sake of breaking the laws. I’m saying, when you follow a law to your own detriment, you better know damn well why you’re doing it. Is it because you support the government? Or is it because you don’t want to be punished.


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