Story of the Angry Youth – How the American Youth Are Being Sold Into Slavery


April 5, 2013 by Liberty


Author Julio Enriquez from Denver,CO, USA

The young adults of today are disenchanted with the way that they’ve been treated all these years. Every year the number of youth turning to drugs and alcohol goes up but the politicians just keeping doing what they’ve always done and the voters… they keep voting the same politicians into office.

There are a number of different major trends of emotion sweeping the youth in America. Many youth are apathetic to the situation developing in front of them. They might not fully understand why they’re treated the way they are or they just might not be strong enough to care. The angry youth usually have a pretty good idea of the situation, even if a tad under informed about the methods and details.

This is a time that the children should be looking into the eyes of their parent and saying, “I’m disappointed in you.” The parents have raised their children providing rules of things that are good and things that are bad. It’s good to be responsible for yourself. It’s good to not judge other people. Stealing is bad.

But… every rule they set was broken by them.

It’s good to be responsible for yourself… unless of course… you’re using social security to milk off your children’s productivity. Judging is horrible… unless of course, they smoke a plant or participate in some other activity that we disagree with. Stealing is bad… unless it’s through inflation, debt, or people with a lot of money.

Ethics meant nothing to these parents as they voted in the politicians. They let it happen, year after year after year.


There are a number of excuses that any parent might use. I often discuss these problems with older individuals and they say that they tried. They say, if x politician got elected everything would be better and I voted for them. They say, we didn’t mean for this to happen. (When they say nothing is wrong, you know they’re crazy. It’s best to move on to someone that uses logic in their arguments.)

Quite frankly, I can be very forgiving when a person is generally apologetic. Perhaps I’m not a member of the angry youth but…

“How about you shut down social security?”

“NO!!! We can’t do that. People will starve.”

“You’re stealing our money and assuming that we’d let old people starve.” (They add insult to injury every time.)

“How can you be so insensitive?”

“So you’re not sorry you robbed your children?”

The vast majority of people are not sorry about what happened because someone that is truly sorry is willing to return what they stole. I don’t even ask for them to pay back the money they’ve stolen through debt, inflation, and social security. They refuse to stop taking more of it. This is disgusting. There is no logical reason to provide forgiveness to these people because they are not apologetic. They do not regret their actions. They are robbing the youth blind and badmouthing the youth as they do it.

Where Was Our Forgiveness?

When a child does something wrong, where is their forgiveness. Do the parents pat their children on the back and say “You’ll do better next time” when their child fails a test. Most of the time parents react with a grounding or some other punishment that they deem ethical (beating perhaps.) There is no room for forgiveness. Even if the child is upset. Even if the child is dedicated to changing. As a general statement, most parents don’t forgive. Most parents don’t forget. Most parents punish.

Parent’s punish their children when their children do something wrong. They use a term that they consider ethical. Parent’s need to “discipline” their children. Just like slave owners had to discipline their slaves.

Children were not treated as humans. While this generation has been treated better than most in the past, it doesn’t mean society has reached its pinnacle. Every generation we learn. I can forgive those that are genuinely sorry. I can forgive those that stop voting for this behavior. I can forgive those that stop supporting the pillaging of their children’s productivity. Unfortunately, the trend just gets worse.

The Angry Youth – The Most Discriminated Minority

A debt is the sale of future productivity. Every dollar that the government takes out needs to be paid at some point. As individuals, we have the right to take out as much debt as we choose to. I could sell people the next 30 years of my life to get the things I want now if I choose to. Government debt does not work the same way. Government’s don’t die. They just get passed on to the next generation. The debt will need to be paid by this generation or the next generation or the one after etc.

The debt of the American government has grown by billions of dollars in the last few years. Taking every penny of every citizen could barely cover the amount of money owed by the government. Taxes aren’t going up significantly… how do they plan on paying that back? They don’t.

They intend the youth to pay it back. The sad fact is, the majority of the youth that are going to pay it back are too young to vote. In fact, some aren’t even born yet. These politicians and these voters are selling their unborn children’s productivity to China. That’s ethical, right?

The disgusting nature of those around the angry youth is clear. The situation just gets worse and worse by the year. The more they sell the children into slavery, the more they talk down about them. The children are lazy. The won’t stop mooching.

Remember that’s what they said about slaves. The slaves ARE lazy that’s because they don’t have a reason to be motivated. They’re owned. The youth ARE lazy that’s because they don’t have a reason to be motivated. They’re owned.

The angry youth are the ones that still have hope.

Remember that. The apathetic youth are gone. The angry youth are still fighting for liberty.


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