Bukowski, Politics, and Missing the Obvious


April 12, 2013 by Liberty

59523798a01202363684d524177434b41716b42I was recently told that I have strong political opinions. That’s just not true though. Bukowski taught me some things that I keep close to me. I do my very best to avoid having political opinions. Life is more important than having political opinions. I actually consider it unethical to have political opinions. I do not have political opinions. To say that I have strong political opinions is like saying an atheist has strong opinions on god. Hell, perhaps it’s like saying that someone suffering from a peanut allergy has a strong opinion about peanuts.

When I consider politics I can feel the corner of my lip rising in contempt. Perhaps it’s out of plain disgust at times. When I hear the politicians discussing their “plans,” I laugh a little. I know it’s not true. When I hear the politicians discussing their “intentions,” I feel the need to scrub my ears from the horror that they’ve just heard.

I do not have strong political opinions. I have strong peace opinions. I have strong non-aggression opinions. When I think of politics, I think of the Bukowski quote:

“they are sucking wind through bent straws.”

-Bukowski on people that believe in politics

Politics Is Not A Means To Peace

Using politics as a means to get peaceful interaction is like using a gun to try to get consensual sex. Sure… it might be possible but every step you take will get you farther from your goal. Politics is the initiation of violence. That means that it can’t be used to completely stop violence. People just walk around hoping that some dirty alchemy of violence can make good.

Forget about the thousands of years of evidence. Why look at the facts about the way politics have treated people in the past? Ignore all the data about governments being responsible for more deaths than any cooperative grouping of individuals. Hell, politics have killed more people than individuals all combined.

(Forget about year to year data. That’s skewed. Government kills in short periods of time. Short periods of relative peace with explosive killing periods. Millions die in months. Government is the most dangerous weapon around.)

 “the weakness was not Government
but Man, one at a time, that men were never as strong as
their ideas”

People Dream Big

No one goes into politics to hurt people. (Naturally, a few sociopaths might but I ignore their existence for my own sanity.) People go into politics looking to help people. As the most incompetent and unethical of those get voted in and move up the political ladder, we get the true results of our system.

Not surprisingly, this is the same way that kings typically thought. The kings convinced themselves that they’re special enough to provide for their people. They genuinely believed that they were doing good for their citizens. They thought their rules would make life better for the people.

People want to do good things. That’s why we have these crazy ideas. We think, “maybe if I hurt this one person, the majority will be better,” or “maybe if I hurt the majority, this one other person will be better,” but naturally, on top of that, you always need to throw in a government employee that doesn’t give two thoughts about anything except the paycheck.

This is the business of politics. There is no way around it. But…

The System is Not The Problem

We like to fog up the facts and turn them into our own little story but the truth always ends up coming out (we just tend to hope that we’re dead first.)

We’ve tried governments. We’ve tried politics. We do not need more politics. Strong political opinions will not help us.

 “fellow citizens
the problem never was the Democratic
System, the problem is

Naturally, I’m included in that category.


Politics Isn’t The Problem. People Are

The political route cannot lead to the best good for the most people. Only people can do that. We don’t need to focus on politics because politics will continuously kill itself. People need to focus on spreading mutual benefit. People need to spread peace. People need to spread the idea of accepting or ignoring those you disagree with. Peace doesn’t come from violence.


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