State Funded Radio – 17 Terrorists killed imitating soldiers – Attempted Suicides May Be Prosecuted as Tax Evasion

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April 19, 2013 by Liberty


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You’re listening to the number ONE news network. Where we give it to you good.

The US Marines eliminated 17 terrorists involved in the recent train bombing in New York eliminating the accusations of a government black flag operation. The AP has reported that all 17 terrorists have been imitating US Marines for over a decade. They suspect this may be the first in a long operation of al qaeda that intends to raise American citizens from birth into terror cells. The chief of operations commented quote “We’re lucky we caught onto this. There is no reason we could have suspected that these men were terrorists.” end quote. The government has recently released photographs of the marine tent used to house this terror cell. Unfounded accusations have been made suggesting this was friendly fire incident gone wrong. In response the chief of operations said quote “That’s just silly.” end quote

The IRS is now cracking down on tax evaders as it’s beginning to charge future taxes on the estates of people that die before they’re supposed to. Dale Morgan of the IRS stated quote “We can’t have people avoiding their future tax burdens like this. We all have responsibilities. We’re considering locking up people that even attempt tax evasion through suicide.” end quote

In attempts to increase the efficiency of government, the State Economists Unions is lobbying to merge with the State Astrology Union. The State Astrology Union is protesting the merger in worries of damage being done to their credibility.

In an attempt to reduce government and religious employee sex scandals, prostitution has been legalized for religious and government employees.

That’s the ALLLL the news that you need to know.

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