The Boston False Flag Operation – Yes or No? Weigh in.


April 22, 2013 by Liberty

I was talking to my brother about the Boston bombing this weekend and I led myself down into a rabbit hole of incompetence. I made a silly logical mistake during the discussion. My brother had told me that the news said that the two brothers were tossing grenades out of a stolen car during their escape. I hadn’t heard that before. (Truthfully, I avoid the news. It leaves a bad flavor in my mouth.)

The idea that two brothers could suddenly play Grand Theft Auto through the streets of Massachusetts stuck me as a little odd. The Tsarnaev brothers, according to most family standards were rather normal. The families are coming out immediately to talk about their family being framed. Friends say that, at least one of the boys, was a lovable stoner friend that wouldn’t hurt a fly. Suddenly these two brothers bomb a public event and come out with tons of improvised explosives and steal a car for their escape? I can’t say it didn’t happen but it’s strikingly ridiculous.

When my brother mentioned them tossing the explosives out of the car towards the police I laughed a little in disgust. I said, “You’re telling me that Boston Police, AFTER sending fully militarized troops throughout the streets of suburbs, were able to kill ONE of the two people involved but not the second. They didn’t surround the place. They didn’t watch for one of them escaping. They just let one of them get away. Two of them getting away might be understandable. One though? They can legally kill Americans with drones but two kids that steal a car while running from one of the biggest militarized police interventions get away?”

He agreed that it was a little weird but he was still unphased.

“I just find it hard to believe that the police are so incompetent that they can’t catch a kid with millions of dollars worth of militarized troops surrounding him.”

That’s when he hit me with a point that I’ve used against him hundreds of times:

Don’t blame conspiracy on something that you can attribute to incompetence.

How true it is… Are the police really incompetent enough to let a stoner kid with bombs get away? They certainly could be.

This isn’t to say that this isn’t a conspiracy. I usually prefer not to take a side on these kinds of issues but it still has a lot of open questions. First, the military contractors on site. Second, the “drills” that were announced before the explosion. Third, the other bombs being taken care of in no time at all. The only thing that we need to look for now is some politician looking to capitalize on it and we have a full blown conspiracy on our hands.

I really don’t know. Anyone have any strong opinions on what happened in Boston now that the heat has cooled down a bit?


2 thoughts on “The Boston False Flag Operation – Yes or No? Weigh in.

  1. No false flag has ever been proven, you know what that tells me…. they don’t really occur except in the minds of those who “believe”. Sometimes the answer is just to simple and astonishing for folks to believe. Until any solid proof is brought forward to prove otherwise, the story as it is stands… Remember if an argument lasts more than 5 minutes, your both wrong, because neither of you have any proof.

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