So… is Libertarian Democrat or Republican?


April 23, 2013 by Liberty

Libertarian Democrat or RepublicanIn the last few years, Republicans have consistently been associated with Libertarians. This comes from a number of major Republican names supporting Libertarianism (at least claiming to support it.) This might give people the mistaken impression that being a Libertarian in just another form of being a Republican.

Libertarians are not Democrats or Republicans.

The general belief is that Democrats support social liberty, Republicans support economic liberty, and Libertarians support both Liberties. That’s the typical way that people define Libertarianism when compared to being a Democrats and Republicans.

There is a better way to define the difference between Libertarian vs Democrat vs Republican.

Democrats and Republicans both support government action.

They believe that the government is capable of solving just about every problem possible by taking tax payer money.

800px-Elephas_maximus_(Bandipur) Libertarians believe that government should be limited because it normally just causes more problems.

Just like Democrats and Republicans, there are different levels of Libertarianism. Some believe that government should just stop growing while others believe it needs to be cut dramatically.

Libertarianism builds itself around the non-aggression principle. Government is a form of aggression. That’s because the only way that government can do anything is through threats of prison or attack. (Most people only pay their taxes because they’re threatened to.) Government can’t actually produce value. It can only take it.

Libertarian cannot be categorized with Republicans or Democrats. The political differences between the three parties are large but Republican’s and Democrats are significantly more like each other than like Libertarianism. Libertarianism is opposed to both forms of political leadership.

While many politicians and political commentators may be using the Libertarian label these days, the majority of them can only be loosely (very loosely) defined as Libertarian. The only Libertarian that has even skimmed the surface of major national politics is Ron Paul. (Even Rand Paul isn’t a Libertarian.) While Ron Paul may have ran as a Republican a few years back, his political opinions were sharply contrasted to the mainstream Republican opinion.

That’s because Libertarianism is nothing like the two other political parties.

When Libertarians Are Heard From

The only time that Libertarianism is mentioned by Republicans or Democrats is when it’s beneficial for that political party. Back in the anti-war movement of the 2000’s, the Democrats weren’t against the Libertarians that were also anti-war but as soon as Libertarians start discussing economic freedoms, they look like Republicans.

This makes the Libertarian name just bounce back and forth between the two political parties as they need it but the true essence of Libertarianism is not in the political system at all.

Where you can find Libertarians?

Libertarians are everywhere. They are the ones that are disenchanted by government. They are the ones that don’t vote because they know it won’t help. Sometimes, they are the anarchists (after they decide libertarianism is just a half measure.) The vast majority of the American population is a Libertarian by philosophy.

Most people do not want government taxing them more. Most people do not want government controlling their personal lives. Libertarianism is about finding a different solution.

Libertarians are not like Republicans or Democrats. They’re looking for an alternative that will actually bring peace and fairness to the system.


6 thoughts on “So… is Libertarian Democrat or Republican?

  1. panos48 says:

    Article Reblogged by – 2 Thumbs Up!!! –SWB Editor

  2. I love this post! I was just talking with a Republican today who claimed to lean very Libertarian, and yet as we continued to talk he told me he supports torture, drones, GITMO, indefinite detention, and thinks that women shouldn’t be allowed in politics at all. I said man…you are not a Libertarian haha. Great blog! Keep it up.

  3. Dave T says:

    I’m Libertarian and I’m supporting the Democrats.

  4. A.K. says:

    I agree with you that libertarianism is distinct from the platforms and prevailing ideologies of both parties, but I would caution you about asserting too precise a definition on what has always been a broad, complex, a diverse body of thought. Moreover, while the distinction between libertarianism and the platforms/ideologies of the major parties is helpful, it can be possible to be too dogmatic about a movement and ideological tradition that has left-leaning, right-leaning, moderate/centrist, and idiosyncratic variations. Simply put, we can define libertarianism broadly, but libertarians (as is their nature as a group) defy very precise definitions. Those within the movement who prefer narrower definition have recourse to other monikers or they can dispense with monikers and state their political preferences plainly (though in many more words). Nice to meet you, by the way.

  5. […] So… Is Libertarian Republican or Democrat? […]

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