People Insulting Preppers Is Just Silly


May 1, 2013 by Liberty

ImageThe media loves to portray a prepper as a zombie apocalypse fearing whackjob. This can be seen on just about every occurrence of prepping in the mainstream media. The truth is, not all people that prepare for the worst think that the worst is going to happen. Making the decision to stock up on food or learn new skills is not a crazy decision. It’s an intelligent one. In fact, it’s vastly more intelligent than what the majority of people spend their time doing. Prepper’s represent the best part of the human spirit, not the worst.

What We Need More of

One of the greatest parts of prepping is the acceptance of personal responsibility. A prepper is not someone that waits for someone else to save the day. They know that they’re the one responsible for their fate no matter what happens. That’s why they prepare.

Personal responsibility is almost completely lost on Americans today. It seems like every group is expecting a handout from the government in one way or another. If they ever don’t receive that handout then all hell breaks loose. When I was younger, I regularly bought meals for a friend of mine while he was waiting for his food stamps to get delivered. This is not uncommon. Even most middle-class families are living paycheck to paycheck. They don’t even consider the possibility that they might not have their job for reason that they can’t predict.

Prepper philosophy revolves around that which we can’t predict. Not being able to predict makes it essential that we prepare for a wide variety of outcomes. That leads to one of the number one reason that preppers get demonized.

Zombies and Looters

Television shows about prepping represent a very small minority of preppers. They find the wackiest and most absurd people that they can to get televised. Naturally, the shows are for entertainment, not for helping people prepare for the future. It is easy to get a laugh out of some of these people but the fact is, even if their absurd fantasies don’t come true, they’re are significantly more likely to survive any disaster.

You do not have to believe in a complete government takeover to start prepping. You do not have to believe there’s going to be a major economic collapse in the upcoming years. You can expect the future to only get brighter and still end up prepping for the worst. The great thing about prepping is it’s not about predicting the future. You don’t have to be right. You just have to be prepared for a wide variety of circumstances.

While these crazies may be making stupid assumptions about what’s going to happen, they’re going to be the ones surviving comfortably in any of a million different scenarios. Just like the diversification of financial portfolios, the diversification of your future preparedness makes a difference.

Prepping for Nothing

One of the best things about prepping is that it usually doesn’t have to cost you anything. Preparing for the future can be done with things that entertain and enlighten. If you eat canned beans anyway then you might as well stockpile them. If you like to go camping then you might as well learn how to do it better. Survival skills can be fun to learn. Stockpiling food can save you time and money shopping. Just about every financial manager would recommend having some of your money in precious metals. Why not gain a little safety by buying it in person?

These things are not things that cost you anything. These are things that make you better at everything you do. It can encourages discipline. It can help you grow. Most of the time, it can be fun.

Get Started Prepping

People shouldn’t be insulting preppers. They should be imitating the best qualities of them. The next time you’re watching some stupid television show that you really don’t care about, take a few minutes to think about what you do if something went wrong. The ability to plan is one of the human species greatest advantages. Use it to your advantage.

The next time you see a prepper that looks like a little bit of a quack listen to what they say carefully. 99% of what they say can be complete useless mush but if 1% can teach you something then it might be worth it. If you’re going to watch them to insult them the might as well learn something from them too.

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