Facts Don’t Matter When the Story is Good


May 2, 2013 by Liberty


Libertarians have the bad habit of focusing on statistics to prove their point. They’ll line up the economic factors and memorize them for the next time their debating with someone about it. The debate will start, and out of nowhere, this well versed libertarian will start throwing out a ton of numbers to prove a point.

Naturally, the person that they’re debating with shuts down any chance of giving a crap the second the numbers come out.

The sad truth is that people don’t care about the proof that you have. The proof can be seen throughout history. It’s been seen time and time again. Fiscal irresponsibility leads to collapse but people just never seem to stop it.

People don’t listen to factual arguments.

Give up trying to provide the facts about a situation through statistics. Statistics and numbers will never stick in a person’s brain. Even if they try to understand where you’re coming from, you’re making it a challenge for them.

What To Do Instead

Tell them a story. There are hundreds of different stories that you can tell based on the point you’re trying to prove. You might want to explain the collapse of the Roman Empire but make sure to tell it like a story. Not like a list of numbers. Learn the history if you don’t know it.

You don’t even have to be telling true stories. You can tell philosophical stories that prove a point.

Try to make the story emotional enough to connect with the person you’re talking to. If you make the story good enough then the story will stick with them long enough to change them a little. People can’t help but listen to stories and remember them.

Your goal doesn’t have to be to change their minds now. The change needs to be made by the person that hears the story, not by you. That means it sometimes takes longer than a single conversation to change. If you drop a good story into their mind then they will remember it. That can slowly influence the way they think.

It’s a lot more effective then just trying to prove a point with numbers.

Fun Fact

This is the exact same strategy that’s been used against the libertarian philosophy for years. Most people are Libertarian in life. People need to be motivated to change that. Democats have been using depressing stories to promote welfarism for years. Republicans have been using tragedies for militarism for years. It’s the only way that they can prove a point when they don’t have the facts to back their arguments up.


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