Real Suffering and Libertarians Coming To Terms With The World


June 5, 2013 by Liberty

Libertarians spend a lot of time complaining. They think they know real suffering and that’s watching government throw away rights time and time again. Yea… you know it just as well as I do. We see a lot of different things that we don’t like and we want to change it. We might see a new bill coming to Congress and freak out about it. Perhaps tell our friends about our disdain for it. Maybe we’ll just face palm and hope the world changes. This is bad but politics are usually only the start for a Libertarian.

Libertarians look at the world differently. Some libertarians are crazy about being anti-religious. They look at religious people and think they’re just stupid. Some libertarians are obsessive about their career or education. Becoming a libertarian might look like it’s for people with wishy washy opinions (do whatever you like.) but, in reality, they usually have strong opinions that they don’t like to have to justify to other less involved people.

That’s all good and fine but it leads to a common problem among Libertarians.

The World Just Sucks

Libertarians see where people are wrong. By all means, we’re not necessarily always right but it takes a lot of courage to not force others into things. It’s easy to get stuck looking at the really depressing stuff. More people are getting locked up for victimless crimes than ever before but no one seems to be fighting it. Everyone we see on TV seems to want someone else to do the hard work of living for them.

(Slightly off subject but hilariously anti-libertarian: A guy is bringing up a lawsuit against a carnival game because he was stupid enough to play double or nothing over and over and over until he lost his life savings.)

People just don’t seem to want to take responsibility for their own lives anymore. They just keep stealing the resources from someone else. This can make it seem like the world just sucks.

It’s a very simple explanation for us but it’s succumbing to the same problem as everyone of those people that refuse to take responsibility for their own lives.

This Is Not Real Suffering

Many a guilt ridden liberal has pointed this out to you in your life. There are children suffering in Africa right now. This is often used as a reason that you should feel guilty about your life. They try to make you responsible for something that you had absolutely no control over. Unless you’re going to Africa and making tens of thousands of babies and leaving them without money, you have no guilt to be had.

Don’t feel guilty that you’re not helping their “real suffering.” You can only make the impact that you’re capable of making. The greatest impact you can make for your life is usually in something completely unrelated to the classic ideal of helping others. Helping others often comes from helping yourself.

You should think about the people with real suffering on their hands though. Don’t feel guilty but compare the situation and understand one thing: you’re probably in a better position than 75% of the world. That means that you’re in a position to make more of an impact than other people.

I don’t believe in collective responsibility. You have no responsibility to use the position but consider this: You’re starting the race with a massive head start. You can just hang out and whine to the people running or you can actually put your effort into making something happen.

Face Palm Is Not A Solution

When you spend time complaining you’re not getting anything done. You’re just lamenting about a broken world. There is enough of that in the world already. Complaints may be useful for a while but if you’ve complained once before in your life and have never done anything then you’re wasting your time.

Solutions are not going to come from people repeatedly complaining. Eventually, someone is going to have to do something effective at solving the problem. You may feel apathetic but you know just as well as I do that real suffering is not what you’re suffering from. Apathy will just hold you back from making the impact that you’re capable of making.

News doesn’t help solve the problems. It repeats itself. Focus on the solutions, not the problems.


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