Advice They Never Told You – 1. Quit Schooling. Get Educated


June 11, 2013 by Liberty

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One of the biggest mistakes that young people make these day’s is mistaking schooling for education. They’re often considered the same thing. Schooling is going to a place, getting told stuff, taking tests, and getting a piece of paper. Education is gaining skills and knowledge. You can get educated at school but it’s usually the worst way for a number of reasons.

Schools focus on the how instead of the why. You need to know why you’re learning something to learn it. Schools will teach you 1+1=2 but not why you need 1+1=2. You could learn mathematics ten times faster if you had a real purpose to the knowledge. The same goes for everything. Education is most powerful when it’s directly relevant to your life. School cannot commodotize relevance to life.

Schools also need to focus on a certain learning style. The majority of students don’t learn in the same way as any individual student. Knowing how you learn is relevant when you’re educating yourself. It’s a major factor in the efficient use of your time.

School is also an inefficient use of energy. Education is most effective from experience (as opposed to educators.) Knowing how to teach is good but watching and learning from experts is often a much better method of learning. This can be done through work experience or even books. Education through schooling is expensive and rather inefficient in all metrics.

Forget about going to school unless it’s legally required for your DREAM position (not a good position.) Spend your time focusing on education. Find subjects that you love to learn and make them an important part of your life. Find subjects that would make you happier to understand and learn the hell out of them.

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