Advice They Never Told You – 6. Give Up Fashion. Aim For Timeless


June 16, 2013 by Liberty

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Fashion is an excessive waste of money. You can never keep up with fashion. Fashion can be just about anything from a new shirt to a new phone. Fashion is the more expensive version of the same product that includes a popular name that makes you look good.

Fashion is fun to chase for a while but eventually you’ll realize that fashion can never be achieved. It’s a never ending battle that eats away at your life. The richest people in the world can’t even compete. Don’t even try to stay up to date.

But… that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on aesthetics.

Aesthetics are useful. Every advanced species uses it to decide on reproduction and interaction habits. Too many people that give up on fashion, give up on aesthetics as well. It leads to them becoming backwoodsy wierdos to the majority of the population. That means that they don’t make any real impact. (They even have more trouble breeding.)

There are timeless ways that a person can look visually appealing. First and foremost is cleanliness. Then you could go into general health. Lastly comes simple cheap but attractive clothing. Once someone has that, they get 90% of the benefits of “fashion” without the ridiculously high costs.

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3 thoughts on “Advice They Never Told You – 6. Give Up Fashion. Aim For Timeless

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