Advice They Never Told You – 10. Accept Addictions (or don’t)


June 20, 2013 by Liberty

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One of the best ways to feed an addiction is to fight it.

This probably sounds horrible to the majority of people but it’s true. The vast majority of people waste a significant amount of time fighting addictions and neuroses.

Example: Jane is feeling depressed for a few days. Jane decides to see a therapist. Suddenly, her depression has a set schedule of once a week to come back. Naturally, her therapist makes it go away until the next week. The problem is that Jane regularly remembers the fact that “she’s depressed” that adds to the problems.

Smokers are probably familiar with how difficult it is to quit smoking, even when they’re taking nicotine gum. Addiction goes beyond simple chemicals. Our mind gets addicted as well. That’s a good thing. Patterns help people live more efficiently. Addictions to those patterns aren’t a bad thing until those patterns turn out to be self destructive.

The mind isn’t stupid though. Mild addictions don’t have to become debilitating ones. The people with mild addictions are usually the ones fighting the addiction.

The mind will constantly become occupied by the things that you’re fighting. When you fight the addiction, breaking it will become harder. A smoker might remember the days when they didn’t smoke on accident. They just got caught up and forget that they normally needed a smoke. That can’t happen if you’re too worried about the addiction.

If you have a long term mild problem with an addiction, you have to make the decision. Either fight it and stop it NOW, or accept it and focus on the important things in life.

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