Liberty in Your Lifetime: 3 Plans to Live a (Mostly) Government Free Life


June 26, 2013 by Liberty

ImageGovernment can hamper your ability to live the life you choose. There is no particularly easy way to get around this. Every job that you get in the United States will be taxed. You don’t have much of an option on that. Every time you go to buy a candy bar you might even need to pay a state sales tax. Oh yea, and be sure not to die because you get taxed then too. Taxes aren’t the only restriction though. Some people love to do things that governments don’t allow. All of these things need to be done or not done in fear of the government getting involved and locking you in a cage.

There is no easy method of escaping this. Anyway you try and escape will have some pros and cons but it is possible to reduce government to only a minor intrusion on your life. Here are 3 potential options:

1. The Free State Project

The title of this article was partially stolen from the Free State Projects motto. That left me with the compelling need to mention it.

The Free State Project is an organization that’s attempting to get 20,000 liberty minded individuals to move to New Hampshire. It currently has 14,000+ people signed up to go. It’s looking more and more likely that it will meet its goal. They’re attempting to reach that number so they can have a measurable effect on the states elections when everyone moves. That means that more libertarian candidates can be elected and, hopefully, politicians will try and make the group happy.

I like the general idea of the Free State Project. Everyone dedicated enough to try and make this happen should be proud. I just don’t have quite the same level of confidence as most people.

First of all, a large percentage of the liberty minded individuals are completely anti-election. That means, even if they could have a measurable effect on the election, they won’t because they consider voting unethical. (I fit in that category as well. If I moved, I wouldn’t help the elections.) That’s only a minor detail though.

Assuming that the libertarians get the votes needed to seriously effect the elections, it would be a twenty or thirty year project that requires a whole lot of people making a whole lot of commitments. It may be liberty in your lifetime but its’ certainly not going to be anytime soon.

I believe that it will come together eventually. If you’re looking for a better life for your kids IN America then this might be a project for you. If you’re looking to be more free today then you might want to keep looking.

2. Off The Grid

This is one of the fastest but most difficult ways to become a free individual. You need to sacrifice some of your freedoms but by living your life off the grid you can avoid government as much as you like. You will only need to interact with government when you have no other choice.

Most of the world in unpopulated land. There is virtually unlimited space that you can live off the grid. This generally requires you cut off contact with most of the world. I’ve done this for short periods of time and it’s actually rather pleasant for an anti-social guy like me.

You do not need to buy land. You do not need to have huge savings. All you need to have is a willingness to learn.

This is the kind of lifestyle that would make you a bit of an outcast. Most people choose instead to live, “kinda” off the grid. They go to town once in a while. They regularly come back to town to work for a few months a year. They might even spend years at a time back on the grid before retreating back into a more hermit lifestyle.

This is one of the most effective ways of eliminating government from your life but you need to sacrifice a lot. The more you get off the grid, the more you need to isolate yourself from technology and often, people. Many luxuries we have today require some kind of infrastructure to use. Government is the one that typically builds that infrastructure.

3. World Citizen

There is a way to limit government to the smallest possible part of your life without actually sacrificing the things that you love.

Governments tend to milk their citizens as much as possible. It’s very impractical for the average person to move to live under a different government. Governments aren’t as cruel to their tourists because they actually need to compete to get the tourists. That’s just one reason to consider becoming a perpetual traveler.

A perpetual traveler is a person that designs their life around not having to suffer from the bonds of a citizenship. They gain citizenship in a country that doesn’t charge taxes when they’re not living there and then they travel to avoid being considered a citizen of any other countries. Often they’ll aim to live in places with little to no taxes.

This is a lifestyle that’s designed around the competition between different countries for citizens and more importantly, tourists. While America is not very desperate to get good citizens and tourists. Many countries are willing to compete for people. That’s what a perpetual traveler uses to their advantage. It’s the truest free market available today.

Often, all they need to get started is a big sum of money (10k in one example) to put in a local bank account. That can get you everything you need to apply to become a citizen in a smaller country.

There is one more practical need as well. If you’re going to spend your life traveling a lot then you probably need a job that you can take with you wherever you go. That’s one of the most challenging parts of all. You need to have a way to pay the bills while you avoid citizenship.

This lifestyle has the advantage of getting you away from any government obligation that you want to avoid but it can be challenging. The vast majority of the world will not be living that way. Your family, friends, and just about everyone else will probably not be going with you. That means you’ll often have to spend less time with them.

Unfortunately, these are the true things that government steals from its citizens. Sure, you can leave but you can’t expect your loved ones to be willing to make the same sacrifices as you.

What is your escape plan? Do you have one that can help you achieve liberty in your lifetime?


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