Recessions Get You Rich: How to Prepare For The American Collapse


July 15, 2013 by Liberty

If you’ve read any of the major financial books then you’ve probably heard the stories about the great recession in America. More people got rich during the great depression than in any other time in history. While the vast majority of people were suffering the consequences, a small minority of people benefited disproportionally well.

This happens during every major economic collapse. That’s because value doesn’t just disappear. When one person goes broke, someone else is getting a profit. Even something like inflation provides value to a certain group of people. No economic news is bad for everyone. (Despite what the government tells you about “too big to fail.”)

If you’ve been paying attention to the United States financial strategy (and if you’re reading this blog, you probably have been) then you see the major problems beginning to erupt. The government can’t even tell it’s citizens the truth about the financial situation. The US dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power in the last century. The government repeatedly changes its reporting methods to hide the fact that honest reporting show bad signs. Keynesian economics is being applied and running this countries financial situation into the ground.

Even after the start of the collapse, the government just dug their hole deeper by adding to the debt and continuing the same economic strategies that got us in this mess in the first place.

This is a bad time to be the average person in America. There is no telling when the government will hit the wall that they can’t break through. At that point, the whole economy could go down. People will be searching for jobs. People will be just scraping by. The government might even end up stealing money from its own citizens (and probably not their friends in big business.)

You do not have to suffer through this fate. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, someone always profits off of major financial collapses. When the American government collapses, a small minority of people will be getting rich. They’ll be making more money in a few days than they’ve made in their whole life. It’s not too late to get involved in this yourself.

If you focus on a few important things, you can benefit immensely from every bad economic story that shows up over the coming years. If you had the foresight to follow these steps 10 years ago then even a minimum wage investment could have made you a millionaire. Naturally, no one can predict the future so don’t feel bad. The worst has yet to come. The vast majority of the profits have yet to be reaped.

Here are the basic things that you need to do to get started:

Get Your Bullion

recessionsI’ve said this hundreds of times and I’ll say it again. Gold, silver, and other commodities are the most historically secure investments in the world. There is no federal reserve that can print more gold. It’s supply is limited ridiculously. Its value has lasted through thousands of years and it’s likely to last thousands more.


Valuable for thousands of years. It’s a safe bet.

I’ve recently been stocking up more than ever in physical gold and silver. I’m also working on a stock portfolio that’s heavily invested in mining stocks.

A lot of the people I discuss this with claim that they don’t have the money to invest in gold. If you don’t have the excess money to invest in gold then it’s even more important that you have some. While some people can survive without gold if the US dollar collapses, it’s not the people that don’t have a lot of money. If you’re financially limited then it’s 100% essential that you find a way to get some commodities. Save up for an ounce of silver a month if you have to. Just get started. You can’t afford not to.

If you have a little bit of extra money then I highly recommend mining companies at this time. They took quite a big hit recently. This is a bit more speculative but even if the economy just stays as stagnant as it is, the price is prime to going up. (Just do your research and understand the stocks beforehand)

The time has never been better to take the chance on bullion. The speculative market has left gold lowering the price significantly. At the first obvious sign of trouble, they’re going to come flying back to explode the price even farther.

Foreign Stocks

Anyone that doesn’t have a little experience investing their money needs to get started. I started while I was 18 and working at a fast food joint and investing. You don’t need to be an expert. You don’t even need to be all that good. You just need to have an understanding of the basics. You need to be able to see a good bet and a bet bet. Read a few books on stocks and get invested to make some consistent compound interest.

Now is the time that people need to be looking into foreign stocks from stable countries. The majority of your portfolio should be spread across international stocks.

When the American economy hits the tank, some countries will suffer. Some countries will benefit immensely. Naturally, you want your money in the countries that benefit. The countries that benefit will have sound economic policies and little reliance on the US dollar. Stick in solid, recession safe industries and you’ll be set up to rake a huge return on any bad American economic news.recessions3

Get Out Of The US Dollar

The coming economic collapse will effect every country but it will be from a single source, the United States government. The currency that will get hit worst is the US dollar. The average American’s savings account could collapse to being worth nothing. You might be emptying your savings account to buy a single loaf of bread. This could happen anywhere but the US dollar is lined up to be the next with all the shaky economic dominoes in line.

Find a way to get your money out of the US dollar.

There are plenty of stable and more secure countries around the world right now. For the less adventurous among us, Canadian and Australian currencies are much safer at this time. There are more countries showing good signs as well if you do your research.

Don’t Become Dollar Committed!

This is a bit of a cautionary note. While the news is championing the trumpets of the real estate market coming back, it’s not the safest place to go. To some extent, the value can stay but it’s a very illiquid market with huge risks involved.

I recommend moving as much of your business out of the US dollar as possible. You never know what is going to be happening. You need to have the ability to move your money fast. When bad things happen, you’re going to want to have every dollar available for your most profitable investments.

Don’t get too dollar and investment committed in America.

Using This Information

Using this information you’ll be completely prepared for many major possible negative scenario of the US economy collapsing. It’s not magic but you’ll be more secure that 95% of the population. One of the most important factors you’re going to have to focus on is discipline.

The economy might get better before it gets worse. That means people are going to be celebrating the successes instead of watching the problems. If the government keeps propping up the dollar then it doesn’t matter how good the economy gets, it’s primed for a fall. What’s happening now is as much of a recovery as drinking another beer is a recovery for a hangover. Perhaps we’ll feel better in the moment but the situation is just going to get a whole lot worse.

Stop thinking about preparing for the worst. Those that think too long will lose out. I’m saying this because I care.

Invest your money now if you ever want to benefit immensely during the worst hits to the economy.

or at the very least PLEASE:

Invest a small amount of money now to keep yourself safe.


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