Leaders and Enforcers: Where does the blame belong?

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July 23, 2013 by Liberty

Imagine them standing on a soapbox on a city street corner

Imagine them standing on a soapbox on a city street corner

History is forgiving to the enforcers. When people think of Nazi Germany they think of Hitler. People have this perception that Hitler was the cause of all the ills that occurred. When Hitler came into power he led millions of people to the murder hundreds of thousands of people. He somehow used his hateful words to incite all this killing. It’s definitely a disgusting thing to do but people widely ignore the people that are truly responsible for these casualties.

The people that are responsible for the gas chambers killing people are not the leaders. They did not build the building. They did not force people into them. They did not run them. In fact, there is little evidence that they did anything more than provide an order.


Orders Are A Powerful Thing

Orders from a superior mean everything in a war. People that don’t follow the orders will be punished. Even today the punishments for disobeying an order from a commanding officer are harsh. That means that not many people are willing to stand up to the consequences of logically considering an order.

The rules are drilled into the minds of the enforcers. People that break those rules are almost always considered bad. The social ostracism for disagreement is strong.

Despite all of these forces, I can’t see how we can offer any forgiveness for the evil’s that they’ve done.


Enforcers and The Blood On Their Hands

Governments always want to be forgiving of their enemy soldiers wrong doing. There is a good reason for them to want the enforcers to not be blamed. Governments can’t survive if their enforcers feel any guilt. That’s why government will never blame the individuals on the opposing side for their actions. (Of course, beyond the symbolic.) Instead, they will blame the system that led them their. Their own system, on the other hand, is perfect.

If, after World War 2, the United States government decided to put the blame on the men and women that committed the evil acts the word would spread. The United States own soldiers would begin to realize that they need to avoid committing immoral acts for the United States or they might be punished. A balance between following orders and ethics would be a requirement.

If soldiers had to balance ethics and orders, the vast majority of battles could not be fought.

Could a soldier press a button that could potentially kill children in a drone strike if they knew that they could be held accountable for the deaths? Of course, the vast majority of people couldn’t take the risks involved. That’s why government needs to constantly forgive the opposing individuals and blame the “system” that made them do it.

When soldier on their own side commit evil acts systematically, the government has no choice but to blame the individuals. Naturally, they’ll try to sidestep true punishment as much as possible.

To End The Evils of Government, End The Enforcement of Evil

If enforcers of laws and regulations were held responsible for the ethical implications of their jobs, the vast majority of evil would end in an instant. Soldiers would not shoot unarmed individuals. Cops would not arrest people smoking pot for medicine. Regulators couldn’t steal homes to build a Wal-Mart.

We need to stop forgiving the people that commit these disgusting acts. A cop may just be doing his job but so was every other disgusting person in history.

In fact, I believe that the enforcers are even more responsible than the leaders.

All evil leaders would have been a voice ranting in the streets if it weren’t for the people willing to enforce their violence. Every person that’s willing to enforce the violence of a sadistic individual, increases the power of that sadistic individual.

I’d sooner forgive the man speaking than the man using violence.


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