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July 26, 2013 by Liberty

askadifferLibertarians are regularly asked questions about how a libertarian country would solve a certain social problem. That whole idea is a bit ridiculous but there is a quick solution to just about everyone of those questions.

Questions that are asked are generally leading towards a statist solution. Despite the poor record of just about every state program, they do sometimes help answer the question asked.

If a statist were to ask you, how are we supposed to feed the poor? There is only one real solution. The only way to feed the poor is to feed the poor, right? It doesn’t take a question there. The question is just a simple disguise of a statement.

A libertarian cannot respond to that question without doing a bit of a runaround.

Libertarians need to alter the question:

How are we supposed to feed the poor?

It’s better to ask:

How can we make a world with fewer poor?

How can we make it easier for people to feed themselves?

Naturally, freedom is no magic button that makes all problems go away but, considering how much people care about feeding the poor, charity will have no problem taking care of them.

Every person has struggles in their own life. A statist solution may give someone the tools to step up and make a change in their life but it doesn’t give the motivation or skills to do it. A libertarian solution encourages the skills to be taught and developed while the exceptions can be taken care of with more voluntary transactions.

Next time you hear a question that automatically leads to the “only” solution, be sure to think it out and see if you can find a better question. The quality of the questions asked is the quality of the solutions found.


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