3 Reasons Libertarians Are Depressed

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July 30, 2013 by Liberty

3reasonsThis is a depressing time to be living as a libertarian in America. Every big news story that comes out seems to be tearing down the liberties that we hold dear. The printing presses are pushing out more money than ever. The NSA is spying on every single citizen without a warrant. The media continues to puff up stupid stories and ignore the important ones. All these individual stories are horrible to hear but there are 3 reasons libertarians are depressed that stand above the rest.

While many individual situations look bad, they only harm some of the libertarians. These are the reasons that these individual news stories sting so bad.

1. It’s not getting better.

Libertarianism has been spreading through America for decades now. Politically speaking, they’ve gained virtually no ground. While there is a small increase in the number of young American’s that support liberty, the world is not showing any results.

You can even look back farther in time to realize, many people have even fewer freedoms than they had a hundred years ago. People have been preaching the dangers of government for hundreds of years but there has been virtually no (visible) impact.

2. No one cares

The vast majority of people do not care that they’re not free. It’s even arguable that the vast majority refuses to admit that they’re not free. The laws are just some invisible wall that people ignore but accept as their boundaries.

More and more people care about reality television. More and more people care about the new hit pop song. More and more people care about stupid details instead of the really massive changes happening in the world around us.

For most people libertarian’s aren’t even popular enough to ridicule.

3. We’re all going to suffer the consequences

There is no way of stopping the consequences of government actions. We can prepare ourselves but no matter how well we do that, we’re going to live a worse life. Our families will suffer. Our friends will suffer. Even if we bought all the right protections, we will suffer.

The house of cards is larger than any single human being can escape. If the dollar takes the hit it deserves, every country in the world will take a bit of a hit in the short term. Most will suffer long term. A few will benefit immensely but it’s hard to predict who.

There is no way around it. We’re going to be suffering.

Libertarians are depressed for good reason. There is little hope that the United States can save itself. The whole system has become a bit of a charade. Washington DC is more like the WWE than any real productive system. It’s all entertainment and stunts for the masses.

There are opportunities though. Follow my advice on this blog. (Make sure to follow this blog if you haven’t done it yet.) You can protect yourself from the worst of it.


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