Can They Really Be This Stupid?

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July 31, 2013 by Liberty

Barack Obama Campaigns In VirginiaHm… The more money we throw at the solution to our problem, the worse the problem gets. That means that we should probably, throw more money at the problem, right?

This logic can be seen in just about everything that the government gets involved with. The welfare state is one of the biggest examples of this. The more people we subsidize, the more people need to get subsidized and the less people outside of government do it.

At a certain point, you have to ask the question, “Can they really be this stupid?”

This is the question that makes me feel comfortable sympathizing with conspiracy theorists. Even the wildest conspiracy theorists don’t claim some of the crazy logic behind the typical government program. When the government sees evidence that proves them wrong, not only do they keep believing their solution is a solution but they insist that it’s proof that more of their solution is needed. It’s absurd.

This can make you ask whether or not their just pulling a con. By this, I’m referring to massive conspiracies. Are people intentionally distorting the facts and manipulating people? Perhaps bankers or politicians are watching the evidence then intentionally aiming for more of the problem for their own profit. There is a large number of stories that sound (almost) reasonable…

but all that is, just like government, speculation that’s attempting to prove a point already believed.

I don’t claim to know much but in my life, if I’ve learned anything, there is one thing that I’ve learned.
That is the answer to the question:

Can they really be this stupid?

Yes. They can be.

Does that mean I don’t believe anything is going on behind the scenes? No. I’m content that I might never know but I certainly can’t discount the stupidity of people (myself included).


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