25 REAL Government Reasons For The War In Syria

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September 9, 2013 by Liberty

Bashar_al-Assad_(cropped)The polls opinions on a war in are clear. Very few people have any interest in fighting another war that can’t be won but the politicians continue to discuss the possibility. If you’ve read this site for a while then you can probably guess how I feel about a war in Syria. As usual, I have no intention to support escalating aggression anywhere in the world.

The war in Syria is a good idea though… for government that is. Not for individuals.

Here are 25 reasons that the government of the United States wants a war in Syria:

1. It’s a great distraction from stagnation in the economy.

2. It will continue to protect the petrodollar.

3. It’s an excuse to allocate more funds to war business.

4. People rally behind war administrations.

5. Presidents can maintain power after 8 years in an emergency.

6. Oil. Need I say more?

7. Any major disruption is just “war rationing.”

8. More soldiers being indoctrinated.

9. Syria’s leader is no longer profitable for the US.

10. America always prevents other countries from using weapons it’s already mastered. (Vietnam anyone?)

11. Because… obviously… America is holier than thou.

12. Chemical weapons aren’t as effective as depleted uranium. Why not show em’ how it’s done?!

13. More people dependent on the government. (War contractors, soldiers, etc.)

14. Dissidents can be insulted and attacked. (Look they don’t support war. They support evil dictators!)

15. It’s an excuse for the brewing economic problems.

16. America needs to replace one violent government with another violent government.

17. Oh no! WAR! We need government to protect us! (A friendly reminder… or murderous reminder…)

18. It’s been in the plan all along. (Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia. Look up Wesley Clark 4 Star General)

19. It delivers the message America does what it wants, when it wants.

20. It’s too dangerous to attack Russia.

21. 89% means nothing in a democracy…

22. War ? Profit

23. Indiscriminate slaughter of women and children is always inexcusable (excluding American drone strikes of course.)

24. 200,000 armed forces versus 1.5 million armed forces. I wonder which will survive…

25. The sad truth: No one tries to stop them anyway…


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