3 Reasons To Hope For A Government Shutdown

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September 23, 2013 by Liberty


While the politicians are busy bickering about issues that really aren’t the issue, I’ve been thinking about the good within their inability to come to agreement. The media has been treating the government shutdown like an ominous cloud of darkness that might be coming but history has shown that it’s never been all that bad.

I’d be willing to bet just about everything that at the last minute the politicians are going to come up with another short term “compromise” that allows them to put off the real decision making but I like imagining the possibility that they won’t.

There are a number of good things that come with a government shutdown:

1. The Budget Problems Won’t Get Worse

A government shutdown is a little like a person cutting up their credit cards. Suddenly the decision between purchasing food or a new pair of jeans becomes clear. Government won’t be able to spend an unlimited amount of money during a government shutdown. That will force government down to the necessities.

As long as the government isn’t funding the unessential programs, they won’t have a choice but to be reasonably fiscally responsible.

2. Less Government Employees

If there is one thing that I’m excited about it’s the prospect of government employees facing the consequences of picking a government job. I’ve waited in one too many DMV lines to be particularly sensitive. Certainly, their will be good people getting forced into bad situations but thankfully, those good people will find better opportunities than working in a dreadful place like government.

3. It’s the Underdog

The last reason I’m hoping for a government shutdown is because it’s the long shot. Just like people like to pick the underdog to win a football game, I enjoy thinking about the long shot winning.

I can’t see the government shutting down in a million years.

The politicians have played this game time and time again. It’s just a game. They have no intention of defunding programs in the government long term. Their only intention is to gain political leverage. Just like they usually do, in the last minute, their going to “compromise” on something that puts off the real decision making for a future time.

Well, I guess that’s good news for the political junkies.

Time to start planning for next year…

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