7 Reasons You Should Hate Libertarians


November 4, 2013 by Liberty

Libertarian’s are often treated harshly by Democrats and Republican’s alike. Both major ends of the political spectrum look at libertarian’s as if they’re a looney subset of the opposing party. This is mostly based on a caricature of the libertarian movement that most media outlets pretend is the real thing. Libertarian’s are portrayed as either insanely rich people manipulating elections with their financial means, or poor white kids living in their parents basements smoking weed. How the media maintains those two polar opposites as the image is beyond me but they seem to be doing a pretty good job.

There are some legitimate reasons that you should hate libertarians. It has nothing to do with the silly caricature but the next time you choose to attack a libertarians, the least you could do is use one of the following real reasons to hate us:

1. You Receive Government Benefits

If you rely on the government for your survival then you have a very good reason to be against libertarians. Certainly, not all libertarians want to take away all government benefits but if you have any other means of supporting yourself then libertarians are looking to make you use it instead of getting your money free from the government (aka everyone that works.)

Libertarians are doing their part in causing you the pain of a real job in the future. This is definitely a reasonable reason for you to hate libertarians.

2. They Think They Can Change The World (What A-holes!)

The average libertarian is virtually insane. Despite decades in the political process, they’ve made virtually no ground statistically. The participants are still a radical (in fact, an even more radical) outlier in the political process. No presidential candidate has even been in the realm of winning an election. Almost every issue they support has gone farther from their ideals since they began. Despite all of the lack of progress, they still are crazy enough to think they matter.

Libertarian’s are hopeful (or at least well-prepared) despite everything going against them. Don’t you just hate that.

3. They Don’t Waiver To Emotional Arguments

Talking to a libertarian can be a little like talking to a sociopath. Sociopaths are completely unaffected by emotional pleas. Libertarians are mildly affected by emotional pleas but have this tendency to nullify the value of the emotional pleas by finding a reverse emotional plea.

For example:
Statist: What about the poor? We need welfare!
Libertarian: I sympathize with them… but since welfare started poverty has gone up.

Libertarian’s try and nullify all emotional pleas that are thrown at them like they’re some kind of machine. That can make it very difficult to prove a point without evidence to back it up.

That can make it very difficult to take advantage of their emotions to prove a point. That’s a quality well worth hating when you’re trying to win an argument.

4. You Went To Public School

Yep. I can’t blame you for hating libertarians. If you’ve been indoctrinated, I mean, educated, for 12 years in a public school then you have every reason to hate libertarians. You’ve been taught about all the wonderful things that government lets you do. You’ve been taught about all the horrible people that government protects you from. You’ve been taught that the only ones generous enough to teach you are government. They even completely avoid any implications that government schools might be biased in favor of government.

Anyone that’s been taught all of that would reasonably hate libertarians.

5. You Have A Government Job (or… should this go under welfare?)

Libertarians are looking to reduce the number of public employees significantly. That means, if you’re getting your paycheck from the government, you’re probably not in a safe jobs if libertarians ever gained power. Libertarians are not looking out for your personal best interest.

Government jobs are great. They provide more money and benefits than the free market ever does. Losing that job could really hurt. The only reasonable thing for a person looking out for their own self-interest would be to hate libertarians.

6. You’re Scared of EVERYONE! (Unless They Are Government Employees.)

Libertarians have one belief that is actually unbelievably scary. Libertarians have faith in the people around them. Libertarian’s believe that, people don’t not murder because the government threatens them. Libertarians think people don’t murder because it’s unpleasant and in no ones self interest. Libertarians think that without laws, the world would pretty much run the same, just a little bit less violently.

If you believe that all hell would break loose the second the laws disappear (sound familiar to any movie buffs?) then you should probably hate libertarians. While not all libertarians would want all laws to disappear, most of them agree this kind of fear is absolutely idiotic. They also believe trusting someone wont screw you just because they have a government job is just as idiotic.

7. You Have No Idea What They Stand For

The number of reason that people hate libertarians is because they have no idea what libertarians stand for. All that most people have ever heard about libertarians comes from propaganda. The major media sources have consistently touted a caricature of libertarianism and attacked it from every conceivable angle. When that’s the only exposure to libertarianism that you ever had, I can’t blame you for hating it. Before I started learning about the real beliefs of libertarians, I was against it too.

After learning what libertarianism supports, the majority of people identify with their political beliefs. Libertarians are looking to have a government that doesn’t interfere with marriage, money, or any way that you choose to live your life.

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15 thoughts on “7 Reasons You Should Hate Libertarians

  1. You spelled “waver” wrong. Waver is a verb, waiver is a noun. Besides, they mean two different things.

  2. Geary says:

    “7 Reasons Why You’re A Selfish Parasite Feeding Off The Government Tit If You Disagree With Us.”

  3. Felix says:

    1) I rely on government for survival to the extent that I drive to work on roads, and can safely assume that the sausages I’m eating are reasonably free of cat meat and arsenic. So, incidentally, do most libertarians.

    2) Contrariwise. If they had no chance of changing the word at all to better fit their schemes, there would be no point in hating them. Libertarianism in its pure form is admittedly a political non-starter, but it serves as a useful ally or pseudo-intellectual justification for a good deal of the lunacy that’s currently taking place- “The economy is in trouble, so let’s cut a few thousand jobs! Business good! Government bad!”

    3) Logicality is all very well, but logic can’t tell us what our fundamental goals are, only how best to achieve them (“you can’t get an ought from as is”). I was raised on the Spock school of logic, which says that “the needs of the many sometimes outweigh the needs of the few, or the one”, and, given that premise, tries to find the most effective way to bring it about. Libertarians, to the extent they are using logic, are using it to try to try to find a way to different goals.

    4) Leaving aside the “you’re brainwashed” accusation, the name of this point actually represents a somewhat valid argument. Public education, with whatever ideological biases you see it as having, means that people coming from backgrounds without inherited wealth have a much greater chance at bettering themselves. If you do not believe that the opportunity to learn should be mostly restricted to people who already have money, then yes, you do have some reason to oppose libertarianism, at least in its strongest form.

    5) Leaving the ad hominim nature of the argument (I could equally point out that some “libertarians” have nice cushy jobs at the Cato Institute or its equivalents that would vanish if they were to publicly express a change in views), I do not think you could make out a case that anything like a majority of your opponents work for the government. I do not; I shall therefore assume it does not apply to me and move on.

    6) I am not scared of everyone. I do not think that a majority of people would go around murdering people if their were no laws; I think that a tiny minority of people would, and that there need to be checks in place to prevent them from doing so. Sure, you can claim if you like that your “well armed society” hunts them down and ends their murdering spree, but there are many murderers (and burglars and rapists and….) who only get caught because of the skill and equipment of professional law enforcement. I will refrain from saying “if you don’t like a functioning law, then go to Somalia and enjoy yourself”. On the other hand, I will point out that unmitigated fear of a government is just as foolish as unmitigated fear of one’s fellow men. In both cases, there simply need to be things in place to prevent abuse- in the one case, a police officer or two, in the other case, the democratic process, judicial review, and a large degree of transparency.

    7) The issue is not helped by the fact that there are all sorts of different varieties of libertarian. Poe’s law was of course coined to refer to Fundamentalists, but it could be argued that, for any given caricature of libertarianism, there exist actual libertarians at least as extreme. Of course, the existence of a few fringe loonies does necessarily not discredit the rest. Regarding the public image of Libertarianism, I am not sure this article is well designed to help it. Going around spouting points that break down to (among other things) “you are a freeloader” or “you have been brainwashed” is not calculated to create an image of libertarians as well balanced individuals.

    • freetruthnow says:

      That you believe a monopoly on violence managed by people determined by popularity contests can be used for benevolent purposes because you accept flawed utilitarian arguments is pretty shallow and I don’t have time to educate you on each point above. However, please, tell me how you, philosophically, can prefer organizing society around the principle of obedience to monopoly authority enforced by violence to organizing society around a principle of voluntary cooperation by individuals enforced by personal responsibility?

  4. Consumer Unit 5012 says:

    You left off “You know history”.

  5. I read this on another blog, and it seems relevant:

    “One of the things I’ve realized over the years is that the real brake on social and general human progress is the tendency among human to not be able to process that things used to be different and they’re better because of [this thing]. So if they see [thing] as the enemy that’s getting in the way of their goal they want to get rid of it and everything will be fantastic.

    The big place where I see this is with unions. It was collective negotiating power that began to counter the robber barons. Then the government stepped in and started breaking trusts and regulating everything. Things got really good for the working folk through the 50s and 60s and into the early 70s. But then people started to see unions as corrupt (which, admittedly, some were) and a hindrance. Worse, though, they decided that the state of labor created by the combination of unions and progressive governance was the eternal, immutable way things were and started clamoring to get rid of unions and regulations (or, in many cases, were goaded into doing so by people who wanted to exploit them) because that would make things better.

    Modern libertarianism is the zenith (or nadir) of this particular attitude. They genuinely seem to believe that the state we’re on is the launch pad and if we just get rid of all those pesky regulations we’ll shortly be rocketing to the moon.

    What they don’t seem to get is that we’re actually on a platform that was painstakingly erected by the very things they hate and claim are causing problems. Right now the breakdown of unions and neutering of government regulations is destroying the foundations of that platform and if they get their way what will actually happen is that everything will collapse. It’s been wearing down for decades as wages have stagnated and the number of homeless, unemployed, and people on government benefits have increased.

    But who’s been doing better and better? The super rich. They’re referred to in our history books as “robber barons” and their time was known as “The Gilded Age.”

    History, as someone once said, may not repeat itself but it certainly does rhyme.”

  6. Yearightconservativestalker says:

    Or, alternatively, you should hate libertarians if you are someone who has studied history and realize the hellhole that is in store for us in a libertarian society after the corporate overlords who fund and promote the political movement return to being deregulated.

    Do you want jobs in your state? Well, only if your legislature in your state agrees to take the large stacks of cash to lower your minimum wage to 50 cents an hour… Oh wait.

    • Jim Fallin says:

      Sure because free societies have never grow to be world superpowers in a couple hundred years and we should all take note of how great command economics are when your intentions are good like Chairman Mao.

      Of course you do not know the difference between anarchy and Libertarianism. I would suggest reading Bastiat’s “The Law” but then again, I would suggest reading anything besides the New York Times.

      I think it is a little foolish to believe yourself so stupid that you NEED someone to tell you how to live, how to spend your money, what is right and wrong. Personally, I would have though higher of you but you are the one begging for a babysitter so who am I to argue.

  7. Pj says:

    This shows post shows the real reason people hate libertarians. The arrogance and the complete lack of introspection. Instead of telling us why we dislike maybe you should look at the fact you think your better than everybody else

    • Jim Fallin says:

      Interesting. I am for YOUR freedom and YOUR ability to take care of YOURSELF yet I think I am better than everyone. Meanwhile you want popular vote to force opinions on others.

      Funny how ideas work out. Usually when people pursue them, some work and some don’t. The better ideas usually rise to the top. That is what scares people about Libertarianism. When people are free, they might not do what you personally feel they should be forced to do.

  8. Bill Ricci says:

    I hate libertarians because I care about basic scientific research and the protection of natural resources. If libertarians had their way, both of these things would be lost.

    • Jim Fallin says:

      Here we go again. “Hey!! Lets just throw away every freedom we have and become a completely statist nation because Al Gore said we are all going to die !!”

      No one argues the world over a long enough time span in a warming cycle. That is where you get agreement among the scientists but start looking at causes, amount, impacts, ability to do anything about it etc and you will find you are likely the one that has not done the research.

      Don’t worry though because some of the most committed statists on the planet have lined up behind this issue and they will do your thinking for you.

      You see you are not weighing anything. Well, you first. Give up 75% of your paycheck to fight it and give up your car, electricity. etc. not a taker? No surprise. It is a lot easier to think you are smarter than everyone when you have not even studied the economics and true impact of what is involved. That is not to mention that if you do some research you will find that wealthier nations can devote more resources to cleaner energy. In other words, once you bankrupt us, we will pollute even more than we do now. .

  9. Brian Brown says:

    Is this satire? There were several very bad reasons such as appeals to emotion or you went to public school. I think the author is a libertarian

  10. Hernan Gutierrez says:

    Libertarians are not real leaders. The anti-government ideology illustrates their unwillingness to govern and represent the people of the nation. State rights leads to more bureaucratic corruption, especially regarding local towns. I will run in 2016 for city council and one of my goals is to fight against capitalist corruption and this means in ending my small town in join with the big city of El Paso Texas. Central government will be better.

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