10 Government Lies Exposed


November 25, 2013 by Liberty

statecoverYou’ve probably been taught a lot about your government. Most of this education about your government was probably taught by your government through public schooling. Before reading this article, make sure that you’re ready to hear the unpleasant facts that seriously contradict many of the things that you’ve been taught. Some of this information will probably not settle well with you. That is natural.

Do whatever you can to let the information settle in though. There are going to be times when you disbelieve something or think you disagree. Many of these government lies are not as simple as a political fib. These are lies that are inherent in the systems that many people trust their lives with. We need to expose these government lies for what they are.

1) Democracy Is Fair

This is something that I was taught excessively throughout my American education. Teachers pounded this basic idea in repeatedly. It seemed ridiculous that anyone would accept any government except democracy. It actually does make sense when you don’t dig into it too democracy deeply but it gets quite scary when you look into the details.

A democracy is often touted as the most ethical form of government because it gives the majority what they are looking for. At that point though, you need to ask whether what the majority wants is always ethical. If the democracy voted for slavery of a certain race, would that be ethical? What about rape of a certain subset becoming legal?

Of course, most people understand how crazy that is. Even the founding fathers of the United States understood that. That was the reason they created a constitution to try and protect peoples rights (It’s a shame it didn’t work.)

Democracy is not fair. Democracy is majority rule.

2) Government Can Protect Rights

Government cannot protect rights because it’s the admission that rights are not absolute.

If I told you I was going to create a company that steals money in order to protect the same money from theft, you would call me crazy. Government lives out that promise. People say that government protects property but government (through imminent domain, taxes, and so much more) can steal property at will.

Every single right that government claims to protect is based on the assumption that government can take away peoples rights at will.

Some might say this is acceptable. In the case of murder, someone might think that government can take away the murderers rights in order to protect citizens rights of life. This is not the protection of rights as much as the taking of rights from one and giving it to another. Is it right to imprison people? That’s not relevant.

It’s definitely not protecting rights.

staterights3) Government Saves Lives

If government were to disappear tomorrow, how many people would suddenly go into a murderous rampage? I personally wouldn’t. First of all, I consider myself ethical and murder would definitely cross the line. Second, I think I’d be setting myself up to get killed.

Many people live on the naïve assumption that government stops people from getting killed. This, however, completely ignores the raw numbers. World War II is responsible for over 60 million deaths alone. This outnumbers the number of people killed by individuals by far. These deaths are just for war though, right?

Actually, it’s not. In the last 100 years more people have been killed by THEIR OWN government, than by foreign governments.

Government is not about protecting people. They are responsible for killing the vast majority of people that have been killed.

4) The Rich Are Solely Responsible For Manipulating Government

The rich are the first scapegoat that people use to deflect responsibility away from the sociopaths that flock towards government. Lets get this straight, many rich people manipulate government for their own profits. Many even use it to eliminate competition. Does that mean the rich are responsible for the horrible things that the government does?

Not necessarily. It can be easy to blame “the rich” for every problem of government but the problem is inherent in the system and stopping it is not up to the rich. Have you ever voted for the lesser of two evils? Have you ever slightly manipulated the way you do something to protect yourself from government? Have you ever put your brakes on when you saw a cop in the distance?

If you’re guilty of any of these, or anything that allows the government to continue their charade, you’re also responsible for it.

5) Welfare Helps The Disadvantaged

Welfare was said to be a way of ending poverty. Naturally, everyone except the most sociopathic people among us would support that goal. No one could ethically say they don’t support a program that stops poverty. The United States government did just what though…

Poverty in the United States was reducing every single year until the war on poverty began. At that point, poverty became stagnant. If government were not to have begun these programs, there is a real possibility that poverty would be virtually non-existent today. Government killed the system that caused reduction of poverty under the guise of ending poverty.

Even if you think poverty would have still become stagnant without government “intervention,” the number of criminals coming from poverty increased dramatically. Not only that but more and more people stay in a position of permanent poverty because if they earn another few dollars a year they’ll lose hundreds of dollars in government benefits. That makes escaping poverty even more costly than staying in it.

Welfare has increased the number of people struggling on a regular basis.

6) Governments Are Better Than They Were

It’s easy to get caught up thinking that governments may have been bad but these day’s they’re so much better. Looking at the world today, the world is significantly better. Less people are dying of starvation. There are more resources than ever. People get to relax a good percentage of their day. The world is way better. Do not mistake that for government though.

Government lies about this every time. Technology advances not because of government but despite it. A constitutional democracy was the next big thing when the United States was young. People were convinced that this was nothing like the Roman Empire. Look what happened…

The people that founded this country started a war over a minuscule tax. Today, people lose half of their paychecks to the government. Just look at the deaths from Hiroshima, government this dangerous couldn’t have even been imagined only 200 years ago.

Governments are more dangerous than they ever were.statewar

7) The World Is Dangerous

Of all the notorious government lies exposed in this article, this is certainly one of the worst.

The government needs it’s citizens to be scared because when people aren’t scared, they aren’t interested in war. People are taught more and more to be scared every day. The governments started by creating fear in voluntary employers. The government insisted that you were “forced” to work for them despite your freedom to leave. The employers were the enemy until, of course, the employers joined the government through corporations.

Governments later taught people to fear other countries. Every country that didn’t agree with the current system became an enemy to rally against. That is, until the governments partnered up (for the most part.) Government continues to wage new wars on poverty, drugs, and terror to continue these fears.

The world may be a dangerous place but consider this: A homeless man digging through trashcan in a first world country today can live 10 times better than the average person 100 years ago.

8) We’re Better Than Everyone Else

In all these wars that the government creates out of thin air, the government perpetuates that it is us vs them.

Patriotism is considered a word of pride in the United States. People are taught to wear this word like a uniform. Anyone that seems to disagree with their ideology is not a good person. Americans are taught that the government in place today is responsible for all the prosperity in the country. Certainly, there are worse countries in the world but no one is ever taught to think that they United States isn’t the best.

This, of course, is completely untrue in just about every category that you might choose. Education? Nope. Healthcare? Nope. Happiness? Ohhhh… nope.

Governments want you to take pride in the chains they make you wear.

9) Government Cares!

Government cannot care.

It’s physically impossible. Systems are not people. They cannot care.

Certainly, people in government are theoretically able to care but do they in reality?

Every politician that’s been elected in recent history has been caught in a an absurd number of lies. If I were to go into the list for Obama alone it would take pages. All politicians are guilty of it. Which politician do you think cares more, the one that is honest, or the one that will lie to get what they want?

More importantly, who do you think is more likely to get elected, a politician that is honest about what they can and can’t do or a politician that says what the electorate wants to hear?

10) Government Is Voluntary

“If you don’t like it then you can just leave!”

I’ve heard that enough times in my life to understand what it really means. What it really means is that someone is scared to look at reality.

Government is not a voluntary situation. Government is something that we’re born into. I could not choose which government owned me. In America there are thousands of restrictions on the “voluntary” nature of government. To leave and not owe anything to the government you have to pay a number of fees. You may even have to pay a large percentage of your assets. You also have to get approved. When you turn 18, when you’re legally allowed to get out, you’re also legally required to sign up for the draft. As of that point, the government can cancel your renounced citizenship within 10 years to force you to fight in their wars. Bear in mind, this is only the start…

Government is by its very nature, involuntary. No one is given the right to not participate.

It doesn’t matter whether you support the murders, war, or anything, you will still be extorted to pay for them.

The government lies exposed in this article are only the start.

When you dig into the nature of government it just gets worse.

There are alternatives though. There are ways that you can live with minimal government interference (even in the police states around the world today.) That’s what this blog is all about: Finding a way to live free today.

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