Is It Time To Leave America?


December 9, 2013 by Liberty

800px-Palm_tree_at_dawn,_Patong_beachThis is a question that I’ve asked myself thousands of times by now.

It’s a scary time in America. Just looking at the macro situations alone should prompt the thought. The US government is now legislating virtually all of health care. Taxes and inflation continue to steal a huge chunk of the average citizens money. The NSA is now even keeping records of every communication in the country. It looks pretty bad but it gets worse.

Recently the NSA has even started using “radicals” porn habits to attack credibility. This is nothing short of a complete political attack on a specific ideology. It’s prosecuting people for using their first amendment rights. Just about every other amendment has similar attacks taking place and succeeding. There is no reasonable reason to believe constitutional rights are anything more than constitutional privileges anymore. Considering this is the most powerful and invasive government in the world, there is certainly reason to be concerned.

 Is it finally time to pack your bags and run away to another country?

Your Life

This may look a lot like a political question but it’s significantly more a personal question. Some people need to be getting out of the United States fast. Other people could probably live comfortably here for the rest of their lives. It all depends on your individual situation. In fact, most people are reasonably safe staying in the country for a long time (but, I say, always have a backup plan anyway.)

The people that should be most interested in leaving include:


The United States is becoming one of the worst places in the world to start a business. The political hoops that the average entrepreneur has to jump through cost significantly more money than the risk is worth. Existing businesses already own the majority of the political favor and legislation. Now is not the time to be dreaming up a new business from scratch in America.


 High Net Worth Individuals

The dangers in the country have never been higher. The media consistently attacks high net worth individuals and the sentiment against people with money is growing. That’s leading to more taxation (and inflation) to rob wealth from those that have it. Heck, you can’t even leave without the United States extorting a major percentage.

If you’re just sitting on wealth then you may be okay. If you’re planning on growing that wealth then it’s time to get out of the US. It’s just going to cost you more to leave later.

 Political “Deviants”

Yes, the word deviant might not be fair. If you have strong anti-government political opinions and you share them openly, you need to be making your plan to get out of the US. The United States is quickly becoming a dangerous place for people with differing opinions. Unless you think the world needs another martyr, get out.

 Where Do You Go?

“No!” is the best answer I can give you for this. (Yes, I understand that makes no sense.)

Answering this question is a waste of time. First of all, I tried to answer it. I virtually received death threats for my opinion. People feel strongly about this issue. The truth is, there is no right answer.

If you were in an abusive relationship, I wouldn’t ask you who you’d date instead, I’d say “GET OUT!”

I hate to break the news to you but you’re in an abusive relationship with your government. GET OUT!

There are hundreds of countries that are less abusive at this point. In fact, even some of the most sketchy governments in the world still don’t have enough power to really be a major threat to someones freedom. Many countries couldn’t spy on all their citizens if they wanted to. They just don’t have the resources.

You need to find the country that’s right for you based on your beliefs. Or, you’ve got to arrange your life in a way that you’re never saddled to one country. If you see the abuse your government is responsible for then it’s your responsibility to get out. Make a plan and get out.  americasafe



 What About Family?

This is one of the hardest parts. I’ve struggled with this question myself. I watch my parents as they start to prepare for retirement and I’m left struggling to make them see the reality. Not all family will understand your decision. I’d be willing to bet the majority of the people you meet won’t understand it. That’s okay. In fact, it’s probably better for them in the short run.

The people that don’t see the violence are safer than you think. If you know that the American government is tyrannical then you’re in the war zone. You’re the one with your head on the chopping block most. You see the bullets blazing. They are not in the war zone. They are safe right now. In most situations, they’ll (probably) be safe for a very long time. Until they feel the need to stand up to the violence, they will largely be ignored by the most dangerous forces.

You can try to change their mind and warn them but there is only so much you can do for other people. You need to accept the fact that you could be just as wrong as you think they are. Maybe they’ll be better off not leaving. It’s impossible to ever know.

Is it the time to leave America?

That’s a decision that you’re going to have to make on your own.

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6 thoughts on “Is It Time To Leave America?

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