Don’t Become A Libertarian


December 30, 2013 by Liberty

dontbealibertarian1I’m a believer in self-ownership. I believe it is in the worlds best interest to have every individual do what is in their best interest. At this point in history, becoming a libertarian is not in anyones best interest financially and practically. The only real reason someone might want to become a libertarian is emotional.

This is not going to be an argument with evidence. This is an emotional plea.

People often view libertarian’s as selfish individuals that are looking to make their own personal lives better no matter what it costs other people. This perception couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the mere choice to become a libertarian in a world that treats them so harshly is a downright stupid and emotional act.

There is no practical reason to become a libertarian.

Libertarian’s are not respected. Libertarian’s don’t have a real presence in United States politics. Most of that presence is made fun of by other politicians. Libertarian’s are known through one of two perspectives. Either they are poor, they like weed, and they spend all day online, or they are rich, selfish, and arrogant. Admitting to libertarianism in such a messed up culture is an act that requires courage.


 Libertarian’s are also at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to their finances. Once you start to wonder about the ethics of government programs, you suddenly become more hesitant to use them. If you blindly assume that a government program is right then you’re more likely to be able to benefit from it (without crippling guilt.)

 Poor people that worry about liberty feel guilty taking most government subsidies. That means hardworking libertarians are needing to work harder to avoid needing government handouts. It would be much easier for them to just support the government handouts as ethical. Some (a small minority) poor libertarians take the opposite approach and take government subsidies as a way to show self ownership. They spend hours and hours plotting and scheming ways to make an extra 50 cents on their food stamps when, if they weren’t so angry at the state, they could have made many times that money.

Rich people that are libertarian have to worry about government significantly more. A libertarian is much less likely to have a politician that they can support ethically. Sure, the libertarian could throw their money at a republican or democrat that could win but they would never see the change they want in the country. There other option is to support a libertarian that wouldn’t get elected anyway. Their life would be dramatically improved if they chose to become a republican or democrat.

dontbealibertarian Rich libertarians also live with the knowledge that a large percentage of the income they make is used for horribly unethical things. While Republicans and Democrats can justify the income they provide for government, Libertarian’s have to wonder if the value their providing for the world through their business is being nullified by the taxes being used for unethical things.

You might notice a similar thread between rich and poor libertarians. They both struggle to make their decisions for emotional reasons. Financially, they know what is probably in their best interest. At that point, they need to decide what fits with the values they hold. Democrats and Republicans get to live in a world that constantly forgives their need to extort tax money and take the benefits themselves.

Democrats don’t feel guilty getting government benefits. Republicans don’t feel guilty starting a corporation to hide liability. Libertarians feel it all.

Based on the direction the United States is going, being a libertarian looks like it’s just going to continue to become harder and harder. The state will continue to steal more to do less while indoctrinating everyone into believing they’re doing the right thing to do.

History has consistently shown that those that stand up to this violence (usually) get squashed eventually. I even feel a bit of fear publishing this blog regularly. I wonder about what government agency is watching and what they might try to get me for. The NSA revelations have made that an even more clear reality. When the state turns on dissenters, like it always does, there are going to be libertarian heads rolling.

That’s why I’m telling you this:

 Don’t become a libertarian.

It is probably not in your practical self interest right now. The more you dig into it, the harder it will get to leave.

That being said, if you still want to live your life as a libertarian then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve fell into the hole of libertarianism. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I didn’t try to stop the violence.

The truth is, there is no way to change the world consistently. The only thing that a person can do consistently is change themselves. If you want to live a better life without having to worry about the government then be sure to follow this blog to stay up to date.

Also, if you think this is an interesting topic then please share it wherever you can.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Become A Libertarian

  1. pauladkin says:

    What is a libertarian?

  2. You should remember that Christians were martyred and suppressed for three hundred years after the death of Christ… until Emperor Constantine decided to co-opt the Christian religion into the Roman Empire… . After which it became corrupt. 🙂 So if being a Libertarian, one who believes that you have a right to do what you want just so long as you do not violate the rights of others, is your “thing,” then you need to get a tough skin and do not be afraid to talk openly about your politics. When the nazi storm troopers kick in your door in the middle of the night, be prepared to defend yourself for they will show no mercy. But have no delusions, were the Libertarians to take over the running of the nation it wouldn’t take too long before they became corrupt, just like the Christian church under the political influence of the Roman Empire.

    And, by the way the author of this article needs to do a bit better job proof reading and/or learn the difference between their, there, and they’re. I’m not trying to be mean. I write, too, and I have to really be careful before publishing.

  3. Sam Spade says:

    Not certain I ever “became” a libertarian. Woke up one day, and there I was — long before the term ‘libertarian” was in general use. And long before I admitted anarchy.

    Last time I voted was 1964, for Barry Goldwater. Slowly I became politics free. I had gradually come to eschew anything monopolistic. And I learned a valuable lesson when Johnson was “elected”. I came to see that the mindless abstraction most refer to as “the state” is the most egregious monopoly of all — and of all recorded history.

    So I don’t have to pine over what I perceive others might think about me. I’m a good neighbor — to statists as well as free individuals. I set examples of liberty whenever the opportunity presents itself. I side-step the psychopaths acting under the guise of “government” wherever possible.

    I submit no confessions to parasites acting as state employees (I think many may still fall for the euphemism “filing returns”), and even hirelings of the white man’s taxing schemes have come to stop harassing me. Of course I’m old, not easily intimidated, neither write books nor conduct seminars — unlike my friend, Irwin Schiff, who will die in the white man’s prison for exposing the lie called Our-Great-Nation.

    It’s not easy being the richest man in town, I’ll admit that. But my wealth is in my freedom and my serenity, not in u.s. federal reserve notes. I expect nothing other than murder, theft and deceit from monopoly rulers. That makes me a prosperous individual.


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