3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Vote For Libertarian Politicians


January 20, 2014 by Liberty

Libertarian politicians get a lot of ground root support in America today. They certainly don’t garner the slightest bit of mainstream acceptance but the people that support them are very enthusiastic about it. Over the years, I’ve developed a bit of a pessimistic attitude about libertarianism in politics. Here are 3 reasons you have better things to do next election.

1. It Won’t Work Anyway

Voting for libertarian politicians has never taken off in America. In fact, support for libertarian politicians in the percentage of voters has barely changed. The libertarian party has been bragging about its growth but it’s barely scratched a percentage point in any presidential election in its whole history.

Despite what the media announces, your vote doesn’t matter. There are 300 million people in this country. Millions of votes are being cast. That means, the odds of your vote actually meaning something is virtually non-existent.

Libertarian politicians have been failing to get elected for over 30 years now. There numbers have barely changed.

Don’t you have better things to do with your life?libertarianpoliticians

2. It Takes Smart Money Out Of The Market

Every vote a libertarian politician gets is also a vote that the libertarian party should continue to get funded. That might make sense if you support the political party but considering the abysmal effectiveness we’ve seen from the political party, do you really want to encourage them?

More money gets tossed into this bottomless pit every time a person supports a libertarian politician.

Why is it a bottomless pit?

What do libertarian politicians do to win elections? Virtually the same thing as any other politician. They spend their money to buy advertising (in one way or another) that is supposedly helpful in winning elections.

The libertarian politician is giving money to media companies that make it impossible for them to win anyway. Libertarian’s don’t get anywhere near the media coverage of Republicans or Democrats. They don’t even get a scaled amount of coverage based on the percentage of libertarians in the country. Libertarians get almost no free media coverage. The politician ends up having to pay more and more money to the same people that refuse to give them a fair shot.

That money “invested” in libertarian politicians would better be spent supporting bitcoins, or buying gold, or investing in a lemonade stand, or hiring prostitutes to screw politicians and getting pictures, or buying pants at Wal-Mart. Really… almost anything would have been a better use.libertarianpoliticians

3. America Would Still Be Toast

Okay… I will indulge the fantasy that libertarian politicians could get elected.

Even if they got elected… Is there any practical way that libertarian politicians could save America? America has trillions of dollars worth of debt. It has trillions more in unfunded liabilities. If, suddenly, POOF!, we have a libertarian led congress, president and supreme court, what could they do to save America?

Well, they could eliminate virtually every promise politicians have made for the last 60 years. Then they would have to still reduce funding for programs to afford to pay down the debt. Or… they’d have to increase taxes by a fortune. Does that sound like they’d have more than one election cycle to survive?

But… even if they did survive… unless they completely end every promise made, there is virtually no way that America could pay down the debt without significant inflation.

America is no longer in a democratically savable situation. To hand the wheel over to libertarian politicians while the bus is already off the cliff is stupid. There is nothing positive to be gained. In fact, there are tons of negatives to having libertarian’s in charge when it all goes downhill.

Who will get blamed? The libertarians that tried to save the day.

I understand that you want to change the world with your vote. Voting for libertarian politicians can seem like an easy way to help change America but it won’t help. There is only one way to get the freedom that you want in America today. Voting doesn’t work. They’ve already voted to strip you of your freedoms. Why would they vote for you to get them back?

Making the world more free requires you stand up and do something. Take ownership of your own life. Politicians want you to surrender your health care, your money, and your freedom but don’t do it. They promise you treats for your freedom. It’s up to you to decide what’s more important to you.

Here at Libertarian Money, I try and share what I’ve learned about gaining freedom and shedding government from your life. You may not be able to stop the government but you can set yourself up to stay safe from the insanity. Please share this article if you enjoyed it.

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