7 Reasons You’re Not Free To Leave


April 7, 2014 by Liberty

800px-Liberty-statue-from-belowIf you’ve talked about the decline in American freedoms with anyone then you’ve probably heard the old phrase: “If you don’t like it you can leave it!”

Now, a response like this really doesn’t deserve any response. It’s a knee jerk reaction with absolutely no connection to the declining freedoms in America. You’re saying that you take issue with the way the country is being run. They might as well be saying too bad. Of course, everyone blind enough to respond this way has their own desires for their country. You’re just not rude enough to give them the same snide remark in return.

But… life can get awfully boring at times. I understand. If you ever get in a debate with one of these men or women, here are 7 reasons you’re not actually free to leave America.

1. You’re Still Extorted If You Leave

A small country in Africa called Eritrea actually taxes it’s citizens for being alive. It has a draconian tax system that requires all citizens pay a 2% tax no matter where they are in the world. That means, if their citizens move out and use absolutely none of the governments services, they’re still required to pay 2% of everything they make. This practice has been attacked by the United Nations for its treatment of human rights. It’s the only country…

Wait… There are two countries in the world that practice citizenship based taxation. The second country, of course, being the United States.

No matter how little you use the services in the United States, you’re required to pay taxes. In fact, even if you’re required to pay taxes in the country you move to (because you use their services,) you still need to pay the US government.

While the world is anxious to harp on one of the smallest nations in the world for a 2 percent tax, virtually no one is allowed to mention the elephant in the room. United States citizens can be required to pay over half of their income while living somewhere completely different. Of course, human rights violations don’t count for America.

2. You’re Forced To Participate To Leave

You’re free to leave America. Well… As long as you’re willing to do exactly what they want you to do. Every border in the United States of America is guarded. If you’re within 100 miles of any border, the government can do virtually whatever it wants to you. Of course, the fact that you happen to walk into that zone consents to your participation.

If, you have the bold idea of using a plane to get out of the country. You’re required to go through poking and prodding of every inch of your body. No, your constitutional rights don’t apply there either. You have to be careful not to carry too much cash with you. And… God forbid… Don’t carry a full size tube of toothpaste!

Free to leave seems to have a very odd definition to some people.

Oh… And let’s not forget the fact that I need to get a passport. That passport costs a little over $100 (Yep… That’s free.) That passport is not even a guarantee of government. They can refuse to give me a passport for absolutely any reason they choose. If I don’t have this permission slip. They won’t let me out anyway. They can even take this passport for whatever reason they choose.

Freedom. As long as they permit it!

3. Trading Slave Masters


To tell an anarchocapitalist or anarchist that they’re free to leave America is like telling them they can pick whichever rapist they choose. It doesn’t matter which country a person chooses to go to. The fundamental problems are still the same. In fact, the concept of country is completely absurd and foreign to the principles.

When a libertarian minded individual talks about the problems with this country, they’re not just whining. They are using one of the only freedoms they have left to try and make a difference to the place they are right now.

There are very few reasons to leave when you’re just going to find more of the same. People everywhere feel the need to control people using violence. People can’t always just walk in the other direction. There is only so much land on this planet. Eventually, someone needs to step up and say, “This is wrong.”

4. You Can Squeeze Through A Needle Too

You’re free to do absolutely anything you want to do. I agree with that statement in some contexts (including leaving the United States.) I am free to flap my arms and fly away! Heck, I could go to the Olympics and win them! Anything is possible. I’m free to do it… Sure… Unfortunately, reality sometimes kicks in the door.

Anyone can expatriate. They only have to do a few different things like: Save the money to travel, ask for a passport, find a location, see if they’re legally allowed there, find out if they can make a new income there, find a new place where they can actually make an income, go to through airport security, get grooming products taken, have to explain the vibration (I won’t tell), check out the new country, find out it’s not quite what they’re looking for, find a new location, go there repeating all the steps, repeating that until the perfect location is found, wait 5 or more years for citizenship qualification (or pay a boatload), ask for your new citizenship, get rejected, try again, get accepted, ask if you can renounce your us citizenship, go the the meeting, prove that you’ve paid all the taxes you’ve owed for the last five years (despite having not been there), finally get rid of the citizenship (if you’re lucky), and of course, abandon your family for the rest of your life.

Yes. You are certainly free to leave.

5. You Have To Pay Whatever They Want

The United States doesn’t just tax its citizens. When you relinquish your US citizenship you may be required to pay an “exit tax.” That exit tax is the equivalent of 30% of your assets. So, if you have a $200,000 home, even if you didn’t just sell it, you’re required to pay the government $60,000.

You don’t only need the amount of money you need to live to leave but you also need whatever pointless fees the government of the United States chooses you have to pay. Nope, not even giving up citizenship is free these days. There is fee after fee you’re required to pay.

6. You Can Still Be Forced To Die In War


It doesn’t matter if you leave and renounce your citizenship. If you’re a man then you can still be drafted to die in any war the United States government pleases within 10 years of expatriation.

So, to clarify this: You have to leave for around 5 years to get a new citizenship (typical but there are other options.) It takes at least 6 months to 1 year to renounce your citizenship. Then, you have to wait another 10 years to not worry about them sending you off to war. Only 16 years away from the sweet taste of freedom. You better hope the US doesn’t get in any big wars anytime soon.

7. You Need To Ask Permission

You’re not free to leave when you’re required to ask permission to leave.

As mentioned before, you can’t leave the United States without a passport. You can’t even give up your citizenship without going to a US consulate and applying for it. (Yes. They can reject your request to renounce your citizenship.)

The next time someone tells you that you’re free to leave do the following: (No, don’t really do the following.)

1. Lock them in your trunk.

2. Give them forms they can fill out to get permission to leave your trunk and tell them they’re free to leave.

3. If they try to escape without permission, lock them back up and don’t let them fill out their escape forms for a while.

4. When they properly fill out their escape forms, make them wait a few months, and then pull them out of the trunk to “free them.”

5. As of that point, throw them in a different trunk and give them some blank forms.

6. Then tell them to be thankful that you protect their freedoms so much better than the US government.

14 thoughts on “7 Reasons You’re Not Free To Leave

  1. It's Me says:

    “If you don’t like it you can leave it!” People that say that ignore, don’t believe in or understand the fundamentals of property rights, maybe even individual rights altogether. I find them generally to be “nationalists”, not patriotic as they see themselves. It’s a false and indoctrinated sense of patriotism that drives this type of thinking. They are not are liberty loving, free thinking, self-governing people. They are collectivists and authoritarians at heart, even though they claim to oppose the other “party” for the exact same things.

  2. Brett Riggs says:

    Lmao. This article at best provides a good laugh. Some of it I think is a tad bullshit, but that’s probably because the author uses too much sarcasm and not enough support. Just a taste of what “could” happen, but not what WILL happen. So, this article is rather moot. All I gathered from it, is that it tries to make you see all the negatives of a situation to make it seem more hopeless than it is.

    • BcdErick says:

      The point here is absolutely true. i wish this post could been better written. What the US government and the IRS is doing to ex-pats right now is wrong in every way.

    • @Brett Riggs. Interesting that you find this article funny. I find it disturbing to say the least. I am not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t believe but I will say that you clearly missed the point he was making. He is simply stating the facts behind that useless statement. He’s not exacerbating any negatives and he’s not speculating about what “could” happen. He is simply stating the facts that We are NOT free (as in NO Cost nor Nor Permission needed) to leave if we don’t don’t like it. Brett you can not just leave this country for no-cost (fees, taxes, assessments etc; aside the cost of traveling) without permission. He uses NO sarcasm at all. His speech is hyperbolic at best and the only time is in #7. I am not a religious man at all but I’ll pray for you.

    • тонкий Джим says:

      Thank you. Looking at the expat option with a much more favorable view.

  3. John Redman says:

    You can stay right where you want to be and free yourself. Stop paying taxes, voting, reporting yourself, bowing, scraping, getting permits, being a subject or citizen – slave.

  4. Mike Huben says:

    There are roughly 50,000 native born citizens and 200,000 foreign born emigres per year from the US in 1980, despite your claims that we are not free to do so. They obviously know things about freedom that you don’t. That’s according to a 1995 US Census estimate: the numbers might be different now. http://www.census.gov/population/www/documentation/twps0010/twps0010.html

  5. Mike Huben says:

    Oh, and anybody who looks up exit taxes will see that you are wrong because (a) you must be a millionaire with at least $2,000,000 in assets for this tax to apply and (b) the taxes are not “pointless”, they are to prevent tax evasion by change of citizenship.

    And you make use of a stupid equivocation between freedom and free of charge.

  6. philip says:

    I Really want to leave America And move to Germany I hate America really bad my grandparents are from Germany I want to go back

    • тонкий Джим says:

      50% of my ancestry is German’s from Russia (which is now situated in Ukraine). I’ve found the village they came from with its new name — no easy task. Even harder is finding a way to live in Ukraine. They’re very much into Ukraine for Ukrainians. Speaking German and Russian isn’t going to cut it. Cutting ties on the home front is no small task either. Wish I would have done this when I was 30.

  7. James Fickbohm says:

    I’m an expat and I think you don’t know what you are talking about. No expat pays “half of his salary” in taxes, the US laws on taxation for Americans living abroad are actually quite generous. First, you don’t have to pay any taxes as long as you make less than $90,000 a year. Second, the country I live in (as do many countries) have tax sharing agreements with the US. Which means you only pay the taxes of the country you live in, the amount of which is shared with the US by a certain percentage. These agreements are made to avoid double taxation, which the IRS agrees would be unfair. In total, I pay about 10% of my salary in taxes thanks to tax rules and the tax sharing agreement between Singapore and the US. My charitable donations reduced this further, so I pay a little more than 5% in taxes. Also, complaining about being charged $100 for a passport is ridiculous. A US passport comes with advantages, by possessing one you can travel to over a hundred different countries without paying a $200-250 visa each time. It’s extremely valuable for a person who travels a lot. Do you expect the government to just give you a passport for free? Are you some kind of communist? In Singapore, they have the death penalty for drug possession. They executed an Indonesian just a few months ago. But an American was just held for a few months and caned, the US government made a fuss and he was brought back with his neck intact. I bet he was glad he had a US passport, eh? Basically, most of your complaints suffer from extreme hyperbole. I honestly believe you have never left the USA. I suggest you buy yourself a passport and travel a bit so you can gain a little perspective and knowledge.

  8. Reblogged this on thescientista4 and commented:
    Anytime someone says “if you don’t like it then leave!” refer them to this article.

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