Applauding the Suicide of the State

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April 28, 2014 by Liberty

AmericasBestComics0701The problems in the United States have been talked about for decades. The debt is way too high. Every single social service is growing in cost faster than it’s solving any problems. Really… the approval rates of congress are lower than the American approval rates of Hitler in 1941. Congress can barely scrape into the double digits for approval ratings. Politicians have been touting smaller government for decades now but absolutely none of them follow through in any meaningful way.

The United States is headed in the wrong direction.

Libertarians Here To Save The Day

Nope… Sorry… It’s not going to happen. Despite all the problems government has been having, a libertarian political takeover is no closer than it was 30 years ago. Libertarianism in politics was a wonderful idea but it’s as mythical as the unicorn.

A libertarian can not compete in a democracy. Democracy is based around the majority and/or those in control of the majority, getting what they want. Libertarianism doesn’t has nothing to offer the majority except short term suffering at this time. “Hey! You know that minority you’re scared of because of their culture? We’re not going to attack them!” When business gets involved, “Hey! You know that small competition that you’re scared of? We’re not going to stop them!” It’s like trying to join the mafia to turn it into a floral arrangements company. It’s not going to happen.

Even if libertarian politics wasn’t virtually fictional, it’s probably too late anyway. Imagine that Ron Paul magically became president and a libertarian congress got voted in. Now, imagine they do what’s needed to balance the budget. So, they’ll have to make major cuts towards, the wars, social security, ACA, welfare, education, and maybe even eliminate the federal reserve.

Now… push your imagination and imagine there aren’t riots outside of the White House with protesters screaming to “Give us back what we earned” (by stealing from our children!) So… What will happen to the economy after those cuts? Well, for one thing, unemployment will explode up from loss of public sector jobs alone. Virtually every public service will start intentionally providing poor service and blaming the cuts (remember the sequester. They cut people out of the front lines just to make it look worse.)

What about the banks? They’ve been making bad loans and getting bailed out for decades. What are they going to do with all their risky debt they’re now responsible for? The same goes with most other major companies in America. They planned to be saved. Now they’re saddled up with risks they can’t afford. At least a few of the major companies in America will collapse because of this.

What does all this lead to? More demand for social services, more need for welfare, and more desperate and angry people.

Withdrawal is a bitch.

Silence The Common Sense

Aldous_HuxleyAll these problems have been ignored for decades. While there was a short period a few decades ago where libertarianism had the slightest bit of mainstream attention, today, there isn’t a media outlet that can afford it today. Libertarianism is now more ignored by the people in charge than ever. (Even if it’s bigger in people’s personal lives.)

You can fight it but understand that you’re speaking to people that don’t want to hear you. Quite frankly, there is only so much you can do for people that aren’t willing to hear you.

I’m going to say something that might sound cruel but it’s one of the only options you have left.

Celebrate The Tyranny

Be excited about the ACA. Think about it. Without the ACA, the United States of America would be spending this imaginary money on blowing up other people. Without the ACA, the country might actually last longer and cause more harm in the long run. There is no way to escape the tyranny of the United States. Your only hope left is to get the chance to live long after the government dies.

With every stupid thing this country does, you should feel good. It’s as if your slave master is drinking himself to death. Sure, he may get aggressive when he’s drunk but one of these days, he’s going to die. All you can hope is that it’s sooner than later.

Quite frankly, I’ve found myself applauding the horrible disgusting actions of the state excessively for sheer enjoyment. I occasionally say things just to make other people feel guilty about thinking the same things like, “I’m sure glad we’re getting closer to a war with Russia. I hate to watch money getting used for health care in this country when it can be used to be killing communists.” Most people laugh and pretend to agree and I understand how bad the problem really is. Naturally, within five minutes I’ll be touting the virtues of the health care act just to see how much stupid I can muster.

There are things you can do but at a certain point, you need to accept your position. You’re probably going to be going down with the United States. Your money is going to become worthless. You’re going to be living in a hell hole for a while afterwards. You are going to watch the same mistakes when a new country is born. You will suffer to. All you can do is try to let the country’s collapse break your fall. (Gold.) And maybe, hope for something better for your children.

Nobility In Death

432px-Christian_martyrs_burned_at_the_stake_in_MadagascarThere is an old fashioned concept that I believe still holds some truth today. It’s noble to die taking your enemy with you. While it’s not true in every case, if your enemy is evil then I’m willing to accept the nobility. I believe it’s something you can be proud of (but only if that’s your only option to win.)

You are going to suffer with the collapse of the state but you can be one of the men and women dragging it down. Take every government benefit you can. Buy a home to lower your assets and qualify for food stamps if you can. Make your decisions based on sick government intrusions. Start a corporation. Don’t hesitate to claim bankruptcy. Take huge government student loans. With inflation, they’re not going to be worth too much in the future anyway.

There are millions of ways you can squeeze every last drop of blood out of the corpse of the United States. It may still be convulsing but it’s already dead. There is no guilt in it. If you’re not squeezing it dry then someone else is. You know what you need to do better than I do. Follow the laws and milk them for everything they’re worth.

Of course, when the country goes down, you’re still going to suffer but you can take pride knowing that you were willing to sacrifice yourself to make the world a better place.

Truthfully, I don’t have the courage to act in this way. I have this disgusting feeling because of it. I know it’s the only hope I have of ever seeing a free country but today I still work hard when I know all the means of squeezing the state dry. I may have the heart to celebrate the leeches on the states back but I don’t have the heart to join them.

What do you think of all this?

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