Q/A: How To Deal With Minarchists?

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May 16, 2014 by Liberty

Bill_of_Rights_Pg1of1_ACMinarchy is the idea that government can be limited significantly. It’s an idea that’s a bit of a balance between political libertarianism and anarchocapitalism. This weeks question brought me back to the 3 days I spent as a minarchist.

What do you think about minarchists? I just don’t really think the world would last without government. Someone needs to make sure that other governments don’t take over.

What do I think… I think you’re horribly wrong. That being said, it’s kind of like we’re arguing over whether to paint a room Ivory or Azure. If you’ve spent more than a week or two believing in minarchy, you’ve probably heard a number of the challenges towards it. Despite hearing them, you still believe in it.

Now, I could try and convince you otherwise but when it comes down to these details, now doesn’t seem like the most necessary time. I try not to spent hours and hours arguing about details when there are major problems in the near future. (At a certain point, I don’t care whether we bail the boat out or plug the hole first. Just something.)

This can upset some purists but my ideal society isn’t going to happen in my lifetime. The best I can hope for is a slightly closer world for my children.

Directionally, minarchy, political libertarianism, and anarchocapitalism are all moving in the right direction. I will typically write from a pro-anarchocapitalism perspective but really, the odds of our specific conflict mattering in our lifetime is small. So, let’s all be friends!

(Even if I think that you’re wrong.)


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