Truth Doesn’t Cater (But… Shucks… Does It Taste Good)

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June 16, 2014 by Liberty

502px-NagasakibombWhy is the world so crazy? Don’t tell me you haven’t asked yourself that question a few times in your life. The government is bombing children overseas and no one bats an eye but you can’t say the n or c word without a complete uproar of anyone around you. Really… are our priorities this ridiculous. People are dying and we have the nerve to worry about word choice?

The explanation for this has been described psychologically many times and in many different ways but its still pretty hard to understand. People are loaded with hundreds of illogical biases. Any one of these biases can change a peace lover into a violent and corrupt sociopath.

Everyone is susceptible to mistakes based on poor logic. Even some of the most intelligent people around say completely ridiculous things. To get any balanced perception on the world you have to take experts and non-experts from hundreds of different fields. Just think about how an economist would say the economy drives everything while a psychologist would say human psychology does. Quite frankly, it’s (probably) impossible for a person to lose all their illogical believes. If someone claimed to, it would be ridiculous to believe them anyway.

All this idiocy seems to fall well under a single concept. The Truth doesn’t cater.

Stupidity Caters

The truth does not care whether you’re a psychologist or a economist. The truth has to be logically consistent. (Quantum theorists hold your breath. I’ll get to you.) That seriously limits it’s ability to connect with people. Stupidity, on the other hand, can feed all your guests comfortably.

To believe in Zeus, you don’t need to have any logical proof. You don’t need standards. You just need to be introduced to the name Zeus and you can believe a little bit of whatever you want. If you really want your crops to grow better, you can give a tribute to Zeus. That will not have any verifiable effect on your crops but it does help you convince yourself it does. If your crops get better you can say, “It worked!” If your crops get worse you can say, “I didn’t tribute enough.” No matter what happens, you can illogically create a story about it that sounds logical. It’s just based on a stupid premise.

It can cater to your whims.

Gravity isn’t quite as generous.

If you were originally promoting the idea of gravity, you would have an uphill battle. You’d have people screaming “what about the birds!” daily. If you’re trying to remain logical about it then you’re bound to eventually hit a wall of I just don’t know because of the limits of knowledge.

Illogical believes don’t hit that wall. There is never a point where illogical believes can be stopped because they’re not based on logic to begin with.

Stupidity can adjust itself to whatever a person wants to believe. Truth cannot.

On quantum theories: PROOF! Then we talk.

Liars Get Paid To Cater

US_House_CommitteeIf I were going to sell a product, I would have only a few logical points to sell it on. If I was trying to sell a cough medicine, I could sell it on it’s ability to cure coughs, and possibly it’s good taste. Those two sales points are completely logical but there is a limit to there value.

There are only so many people in the world shopping for a cough medicine. I could be the greatest sales person in the world but there is a very clear cap on the number of people that care about buying my product. There are only so many people with a cough in the world.

There is also a cap on the price people would pay for the product. It doesn’t matter if the cough medicine is 100% effective, I’m still not going to pay $200 for it when I could wait a couple days to cure myself.

The truth limits the sale of this product. If truth wasn’t important, it could be sold as the cure to absolutely everything. Suddenly, the market for the product would explode to virtually everyone in the world. That a pretty blatant lie and causes it’s own problems but that’s beyond the point.

Ignoring the truth, you could also virtually eliminate the cap on the price. If you sold it as the cure to cancer, you’d find people willing to pay everything they own for it.

Why do people believe all the lies the world seems to tell them? They don’t. They just find the lies that cater best to what they’re looking for. Lies and illogical beliefs cater to whatever the listener wants to believe. It’s sadly been shown thousands of times with cancer victims ponying up life savings for ineffective “treatments.”

Why There Is A Government?

Okay… The headline isn’t fair but it got your attention. There are certainly more reasons but consider this…

Government can cater to anything that people want to believe. If people want to be able to steal for their own benefit while remaining “ethical.” Government can help them do that. If people want to feel protected then government can also help them do that. If people want to feel smart, yep, government can help with that too.

Government is the product being sold as the cure for everything on the market. We all know it’s a bit ridiculous that government could protect us, improve our health, protect our disenfranchised, and cause all these other unrelated benefits at the same time but… people believe it because it offers whatever they want most. No matter how illogical it is. (Of course, public indoctrination helps.)

Hell… Government even caters to people that worry about government taking over. “I guess we’re going to need to create a government oversight board…” Really… how illogical is it to think that the same people that are screwing you are offering to help solve the problem.
The government is Zeus. No matter what happens, it allows an excuse that sounds reasonable.

Truth does not cater to what you want. Stupidity will gladly feed you whatever you’re looking for.


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