Libertarian Money is your source for daily libertarian leaning… Porcupine Pics


June 29, 2014 by Liberty

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One thought on “Libertarian Money is your source for daily libertarian leaning… Porcupine Pics

  1. fred says:

    The above caption is simplified nonsense and a distorted statement, the oppressed, the enslaved have no choice but to depend as throughout history all forms of capitalism have engaged in theft of the peoples essential resources and their product of labor,. all forms of slavery are the basis of capitalism, without it it cannot exist. If all freedom is denied so to is choice. The reality of independence for the masses is actually disempowerment, and isolation,divided and ruled over by the forces of corporations and all their socio/politico/ economic devices to keep the masses purely as drones to serve the power of the criminal inhuman few.

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