It’s Not Where You Live. It’s How You Live.

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July 21, 2014 by Liberty

11111Based on my constant questions from my readers about how to get out of the United States, I feel the need to clarify a major point. People ask me very specific questions about how they could get out of the country while worrying about X or Y. Everyone has their own challenges with moving out of the United States. Some people worry about their finances. Others worry about the culture shock. Others worry about their children (or potential children.) These are all very important issues.

After all of my lecturing on the subject, I’ve come to realize I’m guilty of a bit of a misrepresentation. It’s easy for me to hound on people that don’t want to make the sacrifices required to get away from the United States. I have strong beliefs about the subject but many of those are based on my own preference.

No matter where you go in this world, you’re going to be surrounded by violent cultures. There is government everywhere. Many of these governments are worse than the United States government (they are smaller though.) The major advantage to switching to these governments is the cultural misunderstandings. (It’s a whole lot easier to be surrounded by crazy cultural norms when you don’t feel like you’re a part of them.)

There’s a major segment of the libertarian movement that greatly inflates the value of leaving the US. I was and occasional am part of that segment. I’m writing this to balance out some of my obvious bias.

Practical Limitations

When I was planning my escape (or partial escape) from the United States, my number one concern was finances. I didn’t have the money to live without a real job forever. I knew I had to come up with a form of income that I could use from anywhere in the world. That’s a relatively easy problem to solve if you’re creative and willing to take a few risks.

Some of the other major concerns people have discussed with me include:

Language: Moving to many new places requires that you learn a second language. Unless you’re planning on moving to a tourist town, learning a second language is almost essential. While you can get away without it, it will limit your ability to do the simple things in life.

Children: If you have children moving them out of the country should be a concern. While there are advantages to it, I don’t think it would be right to force anyone into it. All the cultural problems you have are going to be forced onto your children. It’s probably best to stick around the US, despite the challenges that might come in the future.

Community: This is the most overlooked advantage to staying in the US. Moving to a new part of the world is tough. Having people that you know nearby is a major advantage. More importantly, becoming a part of a community is a bigger advantage. Living out of the US, in most places, you’ll stay an outsider for the rest of your life.

Obsessed With Escapism

The only reason that I was able to set myself up to leave the US (part of the year, for now) was because I was exposed to this segment of libertarianism. Without this absolute obsession encouraged by escape obsessed writers, finding a way to solve every little problem would have been tough. I may not have had the discipline to follow through. I’m happy with how it turned out but losing perspective was the only way I had the ability to follow through.

That being said, the value of leaving the United States isn’t huge. I can sympathize and understand why anyone would stay. There are advantages to moving but it requires huge sacrifices as well. Looking back now, I can recognize the absurdity in many of my original thought patterns.

If you feel a little push to get out of the US then don’t feel bad if you’re not planning to do it. It’s okay. You are being extorted here but you’re going to face similar extortions everywhere you go in the world. The objective advantage is limited.

(If you feel obsessed with getting out. Keep in mind your perspective might be skewed but it could be worth it.)

Live Free Now!

I’m not writing this to burst any bubbles but I just want to give you the option to find perspective if you want it.

Moving to a new location will not make you free. It has virtually nothing to do with the way you choose to live. You are as free as you chose to live your life. You cannot change the world around you into a magical place where everything good is valued. You can only learn to live good despite the world around you.

Before you worry about changing locations, make sure that you’re willing to change the way you think about the world. Despite the guns in the room, you are free. If you want to do something then you can do it. Hell, you might even choose to benefit from the idiocy that surrounds you.

Tired of corporations robbing you through tax loopholes, start your own corporation. Tired of people milking food stamps to live without working. You can learn to do that too. Sound a little sketchy? It might be one of the best ways to permanently disable the state.

While it may feel a little slimey, it’s no more slimey than you choosing to pay your taxes. You’re forced into this. It’s not voluntary, even if you try to get some of your losses back.

Freedom has nothing to do with the world around you. There is a very real chance the world will never be “free” in the way we value. The only freedom you have is in your own life. Use it.


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