Centralizing The Decentralization Process

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October 13, 2014 by Liberty

Heres the plan:

Okay. The local leaders will begin to gather their troops for the libertarian army. Remember… to make this work, you’re going to need to train your troops into the finest and most disciplined army in history. (Yes. They’re going to have to be able to lecture enemy troops on the federal reserve for 20 minutes non-stop.) To make that happen, you’re going to need to become a great leader. To help you achieve this level of leadership, you’re going to need the help of your regional leaders. The regional leaders will have the authority to select and replace local leaders.

This is absolutely essential because the only way to get a strong army is to make sure it’s united in every way. Anyone the challenges the status quo risks the survival of this libertarian army.

Above the regional leaders there is the Grand Leader. That grand leader has the authority to select regional leaders. This Grand Leader is selected democratically by everyone in the libertarian army.

Has anyone else ever heard a plan like this before? I hear them all the time.

The Reality Of Libertarianism

Libertarianism cannot be forced on a population in the same way that government is forced on a population. That’s the problem with plans like this.

Just look at the history of America and you’ll start to see the problems of this strategy at work. The American government fought off the British army. Then, within a few years, almost the exact same group of people created an organization that eventually became the most powerful government in history. That created government uses that power to tax it’s citizens half of everything they make despite the original war being about a relatively tiny percentage of taxation.

The first problem with this strategy is the violence required. Using violence to try and reduce violence is a contradiction (in most cases.) The act of performing that violence adds to the violence. The only exception to that is self-defense but that certainly didn’t apply for America at the time, the British were barely taxing them at all. (If that does count as self-defense then why aren’t you shooting at the government taxing you half your income?)

The second problem with this strategy is the use of leadership. One of the fundamental concepts being fought through libertarianism is the idea that someone else is more capable of running your life than you are. To fight off that concept under the direction of a leader isn’t very principled. Sure, it can be great to learn from people more capable than yourself but that distinction needs to be made very clear.

When The World’s Not Ready

Let’s say these two major problems don’t prevent the success of a libertarian army taking over the world. Suddenly that libertarian leadership faithfully disperses and allows everyone to become the leader to their own lives. Right? Well… of course it can’t happen exactly that way.

The leftover population, having just submitted to the libertarian takeover, will be just as susceptible to the next threatening force that comes into town. Old government officials can crawl out of the woodwork and start taking over towns. Sure, there will be some fightback but there are going to be towns that lost boatloads of children to the libertarian army. (And, oh boy, can you imagine how many children government’s would be willing to kill in war to survive?)

The fundamental problem is that these people subject to government want to have a leader. If libertarianism doesn’t give them this leader then they’ll make their own. The libertarian leadership would not stop after the takeover. (An obvious example: George Washington, the general, became the first president.) The new fought for libertarian government would suddenly have to compromise on principles to hold back the population. Then, just like the US government dreamed (and communism to a more extreme extent), the government would virtually disappear from everyday life..

Of course, this never happens because people are not ready to eliminate government.

This sounds miserable, right? Without using an army it can feel like we’re never going to experience Libertopia. That may be the case but I believe liberty is going to come from a different and more decentralized process.

The Alternative – A Profitable Liberty

Most people’s theory of spreading libertarianism is through education. If you’ve been a libertarian for more than a week then you’re probably a little bored with that idea by now. Well… I’m going to throw that idea out the window. Screw education of liberty. People have been teaching libertarianism for decades now. Despite that, there has been virtually no growth in libertarianism. There is a better way.

People do not want to become libertarians because it is not in their best interest.

I believe that it’s as simple as that. People do not have to become educated about libertarianism to start becoming more libertarian. They have to be able to profit off how libertarian they are.

You can think about this in any aspect of government but the roads are probably one of the best examples. Virtually no one follows the speed limit laws. Every minute a person saves while driving is offering them more value for their life. It might as well be money in their pocket. This goes with other laws as well. Have you ever known anyone that lost their license and still drove? I’ve known plenty. They had to go to work to make money. To get to work when it’s miles away, it’s much more profitable to drive. It makes them economically incentivized anarchists.

Sure, the laws stop some percentage of the population but profitability can lure anyone into anarchism.

To make people more libertarian, we need to make it more profitable.

There are tons of ways to make libertarianism more profitable. Bitcoin (or cryptocurrencies in general) is(are) capable of making libertarianism more profitable. They open up everyone to cash-like anonymity from anywhere in the world to anywhere to the world. That makes it possible to break the law without as many personal risks. On top of that, it’s hundreds of times cheaper than some of the traditional methods to exchange money. Bitcoin is a technology that’s doing more for liberty than any single organization has done in history.

The vast majority of libertarian organizations are too busy getting pummeled by the political process and arguing about how much government is “necessary” too find time to work on profits.

Do you want to make the world a libertarian paradise? I believe the key is going to be making it profitable. I’ve said this before but I think it’s worth repeating. The day a man can buy tax evasion insurance for less than their taxes, the world is free. Of course, it’s not that simple but I think it says enough to make my point.

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