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November 24, 2014 by Liberty

I just recently got back into cleaning up my blog a little. I took a traditional temp job for most of the last year. That left me seriously limited on time to work on all my projects. Considering this blog didn’t actually provide an income for me, I put virtually no time into it. Now that I’m getting back into it I’m starting to fix some of the obvious stupid mistakes. Here’s a quick rundown of everything important:

Old Article Cleanup

I’ve officially gone through the first 100 posts of this blog. I went through each and every one to try and catch some of the obvious stupid mistakes I made.

When I started this blog, I felt lucky to have 2 or 3 people looking at it a day. Since then, without me even noticing, this blog has overtaken the traffic stats for many of my favorite libertarian blogs. (Seriously, I didn’t even look at the stats for a while. Oops… There I was thinking I was talking to a wall.)

While leaving spelling mistakes and other obvious errors may be acceptable for my 2 or 3 readers, I think it would be a mistake not to fix them now. I should have corrected them well before now.

On top of that, I’ve found articles that, for whatever reason, I’m not willing to defend. (Some are just poorly written. Some actually have serious philosophical problems to them.) I’m currently making a list of articles and clarifying which are getting the axe. (By that, I do not mean body spray.)

Comment Moderation – I Suck

I’ve realized that I absolutely hate moderating comments. Sure, 90% are completely positive but the vast majority of them don’t add value to the conversation. I don’t enjoy having to read a few “Good post” comments on each post. (Sorry. I know some people genuinely mean good things.) I particularly dislike reading straight up troll comments. That’s left me with a slew of comments requiring moderation.

What am I going to do about that?

I still don’t know. I may end up shutting off comments. I get plenty of opinions when I share my articles with the people I trust. Sure, I’d like more opinions but the comment system seems to be one of the least effective ways of getting to those valuable opinions. I’d like to find a better way.

In the future I may shut down commenting. I may also just outsource the majority of moderation to someone less personally invested. They could point me to valuable comments while I could avoid the majority.

Does that make me a (explicative)? Maybe… I figure it’s more honest than only moderating once every few months.

Anyway, I thought I was writing to a wall for the last year or so. At this time, most of this article writing is still for my own pleasure.

Opened Donations

This might seem like an odd thing to mention after mentioning that I mostly write articles for myself but a person recently changed my mind on donations. He explained it in an interesting way.

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was thinking of quitting libertarian article writing for a while. (I was extremely busy at the time.) Eventually I mentioned that I wasn’t making money off the blog anyway.

He then asked how many readers I was getting. I told him the number. He laughed and said, “so you’re going to ignore your readers and give them no chance of changing your mind.” I was confused by this statement. He clarified, “you don’t even accept donations. Some readers might actually value your work enough to support you.”

That’s when it hit me. The only reason I didn’t offer a way to donate was fear. I was terrified that I wasn’t the greatest libertarian writer in the world. Sure, I may have a large amount of traffic but I’m not nearly as clear or well thought out as I’d like to be. That being said, what the hell do I have tens of thousands of readers a month for? I’m not buying this traffic. Somewhere in here, I’m producing something that people value. For that, I shouldn’t be scared to accept donations.

Sure, I may not be the best writer out there but that’s an impossible standard to meet. If I’ve helped provoke you into thinking for yourself a little more then please donate. If I’ve helped you live a better life then please donate. If you think I have a positive impact on the libertarian movement then please donate.

I currently don’t have any requested donation amount. Considering it’s bitcoin, feel free to donate small amounts. At this moment, specific dollar amounts are less important than knowing my readers value my content enough to donate anything.

I have my bitcoin address in the sidebar.

The Future Of Libertarian Money

The future of Libertarian Money depends heavily on what happens with donations. The more donations I receive over the next few months, the more interested I’m going to be in putting in a full time effort. Even if I receive a large number of small donations then I’ll still considering putting in a full time effort. What is a full time effort?

– Working with other libertarian bloggers to grow.

– Getting more quality content with professional editing.

– Possibly getting an actual domain to go along with this site.

– Creating a significantly more professional layout.

That’s my dream world. I don’t expect it. That being said, if even 1% of readers donated a buck a month I’d be gung-ho about growing. While it’s not a good income, as long as it’s something I can work with, I’m anxious to go full time.

What happens if donations don’t work?

I’ll probably slow down on this blog a bit. I don’t plan on quitting because I do it mostly for myself anyway but some weeks I do have to force myself. If I don’t get much in donations then I can be sure I’m not providing as much value as I’d like to for the libertarian movement. That means I will need to reassess everything. Assuming dismal failure I’ll still produce content but I’m going to focus on less volume and more inspiration.

Either way, I’m probably also going to try to produce some books that have been rattling around in the recesses of my brain.

One Last Thing

I really never expected to get as much traffic as I do to this blog. I really do appreciate everyone that takes the time to read this blog. I may not be the social butterfly capable of showing it but it’s very inspiring to see that people value the content I produce. While I still feel like I have miles in every direction to grow, it’s good to know I’m making progress.

Thank you!

Please donate to my bitcoin address if you value the content I produce:


In fact, if you want to troll me and hate the content I produce, feel free to donate .00666 . I promise I’ll take those ones as an insult 😉 Less or more would be a compliment.


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