The December Purge

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December 8, 2014 by Liberty

Yes… It is true. After months of promising, I’ve finally begun to purge the archives of my blog.

This blog began as a place to play around with my ideas. I can remember the days when I officially celebrated having a whole ten readers IN A SINGLE DAY! Now, as I float in the glory of holding a highly visited libertarian blog things have certainly changed.

This probably won’t surprise you but back when I was writing blog posts for a whole ten people, I really couldn’t care less about editing my own work. I just wanted to plop ideas on paper and hope they didn’t stink too bad. Since beginning this purge, I’ve had the pleasure of learning there were a whole lotta’ stinkers bouncing about.

Before beginning this experiment, I had one fundamental goal: hate a good portion of the articles I’ve written to the point of disavowing them. What do I mean by disavowing them? I mean, giving up on any attempt to save them. While some articles can be fixed by changing a sentence or two, these are articles that could easily be scrapped. (I’m keeping them for record keeping purposes.)

Why am I being so harsh with my self-criticism? It helps me grow better at what I want to do. If you think less of me for it then I still think it’s worth it.

Thankfully, I’ve finally bounced my way through my first 100 posts and have done a quick cleanup. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. I should have begun correcting these articles sooner. I’m a big fan of the Ready, Fire, Aim approach but I just ready, fired, fired, fired, for well over a year. I’m going to have a whole lot of work correcting even a portion of my errors.

2. Humor keeps articles more relevant. It’s one of the few things that translates reasonably well into the future. While the issues of the moment may be my real goal, entertainment value is definitely improved by adding a few jokes into it.

3. This feels wonderful. I’m serious. Getting to look at the stupid stuff I said in the past is unbelievably rewarding. It makes me feel like I’ve actually started to figure something out. Naturally, a few years from now I’m probably going to end up doing the same thing to my current articles but… it’s still pleasurable.

Do you want to take a look at how this blog started? Then these are the posts for you. I’ve categorized them by the quality as I perceive them today. Sure, I like to think all my articles are gold when I publish them but given the cold stare of 1 year later, I have plenty of articles that don’t look quite so grand anymore.

Worth The Read

These are articles that I still found interesting and may be worth going out of your way to read.

Open Letter From A Gun

This is a fun little article I wrote. If you’ve been around libertarian circles for a significant period of time then you probably won’t find this the most unique base concept but I still appreciate it’s silliness. (It certainly helps that it’s short and I didn’t have too much room to make stupid grammar mistakes.)

Which Is More Likely, Unicorns Or A Libertarian President?

This is a huge dose of that sarcasm I needed. I’m trying to make the point that people shouldn’t get hung up about getting a libertarian politician in office.

The Key To Innovation: The Unusual Secret To Creation

I love this article. It can be used to make horrible points that I wildly disagree with but it offers a unique perspective that most people never consider. In some way, it makes the libertarian case in a bit of an unusual way.

Discrimination Of Youth Adult Kids At Home

I hate the title to this article but I really like the article. Some victims are still being blamed. While I feel like this article deserves a massive personal responsibility disclaimer, I avoided that because I didn’t want to nullify the message to the audience.

Why Am I Sad All The Time? A Story Of Growing Up

This has to be one of the least political articles I ever wrote. It’s also one of the more personal articles I wrote. I really didn’t want to share this one but it is one of my favorites.

Build A Voluntary Family Not A Biological One

This is an area of liberty that virtually no one talked about until the last few decades. It’s still a rather rare topic to see discussed. Your freedom means absolutely nothing until you have your freedom from the controlling people close to you.

Facts Don’t Matter When The Story Is Good

This is a relatively short one. People aren’t convinced by facts. Facts just raise resistance. Instead of trying to prove someone is wrong right now using facts, try to prove that someone already knows what’s right and just hasn’t related it yet. This isn’t my ideal modern method for spreading the message but it can be helpful.

Get Rid Of Your Political Goals

If you’re still expecting politics to save the day then you’re on the wrong track. Politics can’t stop politics. Your participation just adds the look of legitimacy to an illegitimate system.

How To Protect Your Money From The Government – 12 Methods

I love this article in a bit of a Buzzfeed kind of way. It doesn’t offer anything super valuable but it does introduce a number of different ideas that you might not have considered.

Reasons To Quit College

After meeting up with another old friend of mine that graduated college with a minimum wage and more debt than I could imagine, I decided to write this one. I feel like too few smart people understand that this is even a choice.

The Free Market Failed And Other Lessons Libertarians Need To Learn

This is an article that I need to go back and reread regularly. It’s not worded in any perfect harmony but its message is something that should be considered by every libertarian.

The One And Only Means To Freedom Today

Short of the name of this article, I stand by this completely. There are very few ways to become free from external restrictions. This article focuses on one of the most powerful means of dealing with these external restrictions.

Updated Articles

These are articles that are alright. While they stand up comfortably with typical internet content, I wouldn’t say they’re my proudest moments of writing. If the topic interests you then they might actually be worth a read.

Famous Libertarian Quotes

This is an article without too much depth. I posted a few libertarian quotes and posted my thoughts on them. I go into a number of interesting ideas but I certainly don’t go into anything too awesome. This was an article I partially wrote because I was experimenting with SEO. That meant I didn’t have quite as much motivation as the articles I wrote for my own giggles.

Libertarian Rights Don’t Come From Your Government

I like this article. It’s not the most perfectly written article in the world but I was really close to categorizing it as worth the read. I still agree with the information in this article but since writing this I feel like I’ve made the point better (without my crappy attempt at SEO.)

7 Problems With Gold Investing

I believe this was actually the first post I ever made. For a first post, I wasn’t too disappointed. I feel like this article misses out on a ton of potential clarity though. It also has a bit of a “the economy is collapsing NOW! NOW!” bent without saying it too directly. That’s not something I want to keep letting slide.

7 Prepper Tips That Your Wallet Will Love

Another 7 article! Aren’t I creative guy or what? And this title, “Your Wallet Will Love.” I seriously feel like I’m writing a BuzzFeed article for people in tin hats. (I’m kidding preppers. I love you. I prep too.)

Seriously though, the content is alright. It’s nothing mindbogglingly relevant to everyone.

Collapse Of The US Dollar – 4 Reasons It’s Inevitable

There I go again making the collapse of the US dollar sound like it’s going to happen tomorrow. While I stand by most of what I say, I should have probably put a disclaimer not to expect it tomorrow.

Bloodsuckers: Who Does Bankruptcy Really Benefit?

Well… This article is a bit of a mess. I’m pretty happy with what I was trying to do. I just didn’t do it quite as clearly as I would have liked.

Professor Walter Williams

This is wonderful content. The problem is that the content is mostly someone much smarter than me talking on YouTube. I put a few thoughts into it but I wouldn’t turn the train around on the tracks to run this cow down…

Malcolm X: A Dream Liberty Activist

This is a strange combination article. Half of it was me releasing my intellectual hard-on I have for this man. The second half was me testing a silly keyword with this article. That being said, it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought. It might be a tricky to read but it does help bring light to a guy that deserves much better treatment.

How An Increase In Minimum Wage Would Help

It might provoke a smile.

Political Freedom Is An Oxymoron

As with a lot of these articles, I like my general goal but I’m not satisfied with my execution.

Intellectual Property Problems

Wow! This is a boring title. The article isn’t quite as boring as the title. This is a subject that actually means a lot to me.

Being Libertarian: Justice Is A Free Market System

The hardest thing about going through these articles is my constant failure to be precise. While I agree with most of this article whole heartedly, I wish I could have phrased my points a little better.

A Free Bradley Manning Is About As Likely As An Imprisoned President

This article lacks some focus I would prefer. It has a few interesting points but they have to be chiseled out. Not my proudest production.

The Power Of Debt: Using Debt As An Advantage

Debt is one of the most powerful forces in our world. This article explores debt from a number of different angles. Debt can be a life changer but make sure you’re using it to change your life positively.

Planned Obsolescence And Why They Just Don’t Care

Planning failure is essential for success in the free market. Unfortunately, it’s also essential for politicians that want to compete.

What Are The Best Liberty Quotes Around?

This article has a few good quotes. I also go over a few quotes that I disagreed with.

Story Of The Angry Youth: How American Youth Are Being Sold Into Slavery

Historically speaking, youths have been mad a lot. But really…. who can blame them? This article just looks at this generation’s anger at its predecessors.

Are Banks Safe? (Cyprus Take Note)

Don’t keep your money in banks without knowing and planning for the risks involved.

Libertarians Don’t Get Out Much: The Problem With Libertarians

This is an intentionally provocative title. While not the most clear article at first, it goes over why logical arguments should often be replaced with emotional ones.

Cherry Picking Ethics On The Job: The Excuses Are Just That

This is a look at how willing people are to change their beliefs based on their profession. I edited some significantly important parts of this article to get it closer to how I believe now.

Bukowski, Politics, And Missing The Obvious

I was in a heavy Bukowski kick when I was writing this. I took some quotes that got me to think and put them into the context of a not-too-original libertarian narrative. I fixed up some of the ugly parts to this one.

Is Bitcoin Dead? Should You Be Investing In Bitcoins?

This is the second part of a series on Bitcoin. The first one got disavoyed. This article required a little cleaning up but it’s looking spiffy since. By spiffy, I don’t mean it provides too much original insight unfortunately.

Prediction: A Measure of Idiocy And Ethics

This article was me exploring how you could tell stupid or biased predictions from rational ones (that still may or may not be accurate.)

So… Is Libertarian A Democrat Or Republican?

This was my attempt at a less libertarian targeted article. I had some blatant errors that kind of ruined the message. This article says what I wanted but it just doesn’t add too much to the conversation. I’d like to sell a little bit better. It’s a keeper but barely.

An Unusual Proof Of Inflation: Lowering Our Lifestyle

This article is useful in pointing out an interesting change in society. It certainly doesn’t make a good case for what it wants but it can prompt some thought.

Why I’m Willing To Sacrifice Liberty

Libertarian’s are often accused of valuing freedom over virtually everything else. This was my little attempt to clarify what I really care about.

Is Gambling Ethical?

Often, value provided isn’t as clear cut as a product in your hand. Some people provide services that can’t be held. This article looks into that kind of value.

People Insulting Preppers Is Just Silly

It’s funny how some of the articles I was least proud of on publishing got some of the most attention. It’s actually not as bad as I remember. It’s about learning some important lessons from the “crazy zombie preppers.”

Choosing A Career For Money

If you’re thinking about getting into something for just the money then you might want to read this.

Burn Out Your Burn Out

This article is a bit too self help to be proud of but I certainly still use the information I wrote in it.

Collective Rights VS Individual Rights

This article brings light to many collectivists claim of rights towards undefined collectives. I feel like I could have written it much better but it brings up an important point.

How To Hide Money From Government

I wrote this one out of curiosity. I was wondering how many people would be interested in this sort of thing. Apparently, a lot of people are. I feel like it could use some significant depth but it could offer a few ideas.

Libertarians And Coming To Terms With The World

This was mostly I rant. I get really sick of libertarians spending all their time complaining. (That being said, I suffer from it too.) Sometimes it seems like people just need a little perspective.

Advice They Never Told You Series

1. Quit School

2. Make Enemies

3. Learn To Gamble

4. Fail Miserably

5. Live Poor

6. Give Up On Fashion. Aim For Timeless.

7. Work Less

8. Forget About Changing The World

9. Measure Everything

10. Accept Addictions (Or DON’T)

11. Quit Regularly

12. Be Under-qualified

This is a series that I actually really care about. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure if it fit with the theme of this blog but essentially it’s why I make this blog. I want to introduce people to ideas (and sometimes I just want to explore them myself.) From my experience, most of the advice people give is crap. While I could have used more clarity in some of them, I stand by this advice.

Anonymity Is Gone: Why We Shouldn’t Miss It

My goal with this article was to get people to notice that with the decreases in anonymity we get increases in accountability. Accountability is much more useful than anonymity has ever been. I would love this article if it wasn’t for the subtle “hero worship” style and it’s mediocre delivery.

Liberty In Your Lifetime: 3 Plans To Live A Mostly Government Free Life

This is a quick overview of a few different ways libertarians are trying, or have been, getting more free. It doesn’t go into enough depth to be wildly useful but it may help you consider some of your options.

Bitcoin Businesses Are Showing Up Everywhere

This article was going over bitcoin while attempting to define what would be the definitive moment to expect serious growth. It has a few ideas worth noting at the time (and may offer some insights into basic bitcoin knowledge) but today has little value.

Oh No! It’s The PoPo: Moral Laws Are Less Important Than People

Legality doesn’t matter but the world (even without government) always has laws that people actually have to follow. Look out for the distinctions between people following laws for moral reasons and people following them for legal reasons.

DUI Laws Forcing Unconstitutional Blood Draws

In this article I used a news story at the time to introduce some arguments against making drunk driving illegal. I can still barely get my emotional muscle behind this topic based on how I was raised but it definitely needs to be considered.

Edward Snowden Statement

This is a super short post about a statement Edward Snowden released. The statement is well worth reading. The rest is.. you know… there.

How To Deal With The IRS – Give Them More Money!

This post quickly goes over one “taxpayer advocates” advice to solve the problems with the IRS targeting. What did she recommend? Giving them more money… Who would have guessed…

Edward Snowden Is A Dead Man

This post quickly goes over the Edward Snowden situation at the time. These short posts took place during a style change test I was doing. The style didn’t interest me too much. I moved on.

How Government Protects Sociopaths

The first part of this article is intended to alleviate some of the fear people have of sociopaths. The movies portray them as dangerous monsters. With modern society, that’s just not the case though. They’re virtually incapable of normal human interaction unless they’re wildly intelligent. This article introduces a theory on what value government provides and why it does that.

Disavoyed Articles

These are articles I take little to no pride in. They’re articles I won’t try to defend or alter to something I’m proud of at this time. I bow my head in shame as I present them. Mercy please?

Ben Bernanke Salary – Don’t Audit The Fed

This article was mostly the result of me trying to get noticed on Google with a keyword that I probably shouldn’t have been playing with in the first place. It’s pretty much a rant against the federal reserve that should have been kept off paper.

Two Peter Schiff Books That You Need To Read

I like Peter Schiff and his books. I just don’t feel like I gave his books the reviews they deserved. I didn’t put half as much thought as I could have into it. Hell… you can find better written reviews anywhere you look to buy the books.

2 Problems With The US Constitution

This is an unbelievably mediocre article in general. I’m certainly not proud of how weakly written it is. That being said, I may have been able to tweak it into something I could be comfortable saving, that is, if I wasn’t stupid enough to act like rights existed in the first place. Yuck… I spit on my former self for that.

How To Increase Your Food Stamps

This is a sad attempt at something I’ve been trying to manage for a while. I’ve constantly been dreaming up a book or other form of content that’s supposed to show how people can manipulate the systems of government. For entertainment purposes, I wanted to phrase it as a how-to book. Today I’m still struggling to either find the balance or to just throw the idea away completely. There were a few laughs for myself returning to this article but I know I can do better.

John Galt Quotes

Ba-Ba-Ba-Boooring. This is one of my virtually free of original content posts. Perhaps I should have just reblogged John Galt.

Drone Strikes Obama Versus Bush

This was another attempt at search traffic. I feel like a few lines had potential but it was mostly a forced mess.

Effects Of School Budget Cuts – The Violence Of Misinformation

I went in this direction. Then that direction. Then up. Then I flipped upside and bonked my head, realizing this article should have been chopped into a million pieces and forgotten about.

The Most Libertarian State In America

Fortunately, I don’t hate this article as much as most of the articles I hate. Yes. It holds some really mediocre content but, as with the following article, it encourages thinking that I don’t want to be a part of. Forget about finding libertopia. It doesn’t exist. You need to be looking for You-topia. Capiche?

5 Most Libertarian Countries

Yes. This was another article I’m not proud of (despite being one of the first reasons my blog started getting a ton of traffic.) It was written in haste with very little research. I try to protect and excuse my poor research and planning early on but there is no reason I should let myself get away with that. Trolls: I already agree. I suck.

Fighting For Freedom

Most of this article is reasonable. Some of it was either terribly phrased or complete bunk. I feel like this is an article that needs a much more disciplined replacement.

Why Does The Government Lie?

I was trying to go too deep with too little intellectual discipline. This is not a job well done.

Government Is Violence: How Good Intentions Lead To Bad Things

Sometimes I go into an article with the best of intentions but no good plan. Today, fortunately, I have checks and balances to ensure most of those articles get tamed or trimmed. This article certainly could have been tamed before publication. (Or trashed.)

Weak Government: A Prescription For Growth

I make a very subpar argument at something that I care very little about anyway. I guess I can’t be too surprised it sucked. I also wrote that small government might work. I think I’d argue with someone making that statement today.

Corrupt Politicians: Why The Worst Rise To The Top

This is an article attempting to make the case that great politicians shown in movies can’t exist because the system eliminates them. It’s a very weak attempt that I’m not too proud of. While I may not be completely against this, I feel like it’s something I could have done a whole lot better.

The Boston False Flag Operation

Again, it’s a title I named to get clicks. It’s a rather quick look at my thoughts on the matter. While I stand by this article’s content, I feel like my approach to this issue wasn’t going to do anything worthwhile. I’d rather approach this problem a little differently in the future.

Can We Buy Peace – Capitalism And Peace

This is the kind of article I really wanted to do this review for. I assert that scarcity is a significant cause of violence in the modern world. That assertion is not backed up too well. I also tend to give certain philosophies that I don’t believe in a bit too much credence for my own comfort.

Advantage Of The Outsider

I was trying to make an important point with this article. The problem is that I didn’t have my point well figured out enough. I feel the need to add a half page disclaimer about a difference between logic and stupid fantasy. I fear that idiots could easily take this in a way I didn’t intend it. This may be due for a big redo in the future.

Mafia And Government: A Quick Comparison

Me and my minarchism are so cute together. Okay… Not really… It’s also not the most well written article in the world.

Repost: Wal-Mart Jilts the Consumer & Taxpayer: The Deception Behind the Internet Sales Tax

I don’t have anything against this article but I regret reposting it. I do not believe in using political means to solve problems.

So… phew… You might notice that isn’t a whole 100. I left out 5-10 super short posts that were either image posts, or some other form of content not worth reviewing.

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