If You Thought Obama Was Bad, You Should See The Next One

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January 19, 2015 by Liberty

IfYouThoughtObamaWasBadIt’s really getting to the point that it’s irritating. I am so sick of hearing people complain about Obama. The whole blame Obama schtick is so old. It doesn’t matter what problem you’re talking about in America, some idiot is going to blame it on Obama. That kind of villainizing (yes, a made up word but I like it,) is just as irritating and simple-minded as the hero worship that brought him into power.

Sure, I can’t blame you. Obama has got his list of controversies to an impressive new level. (He’s gotta be a level 90+ politician by now.) Just running them off the top of my head I can think of Solyndra, ATF gunwalking, Healthcare.gov, Syria, IRS targeting conservatives, and Benghazi. I just remembered another one but my list is over and I think you get my point. This guy’s got himself a list.

This list of controversies can make it look like Obama is an anti-American Kenyan communist who did cocaine and other bad stuff but really, he’s just another guy in the long line of arrogant pricks who became president.


If You Thought Obama Was Bad, You Should See The Last One

IfYouThoughtObamaWasBad2Sadly, I know a number of the people reading this liked Bush. Whenever someone writes an article with an anti-obama title, there are two groups of people that will influx in to read it.

The first group is the group that still thinks Bush did nothing wrong. His list may be a little harder to do off memory but… off the top of my head I have some biggies. The Patriot Act might as well have tossed out the constitution for good. Then there is Afghanistan, you know, to help us deal with all those Saudi terrorists blowing up our building. Then there is the whole proof in the form of a mushroom cloud in Iraq… oh wait… that mushroom cloud was us blowing them up despite having no weapons. Sorry, this isn’t a strong and well defined case to the pro-bush supporters out there but that’s not the point of this article. Just look it up yourself if you want to be convinced about Bush.

The second group is, in my humble opinion, is waaay more annoying than the first group. The second group includes all those people saying, sure, Bush was bad but he’s a founding father compared to Obama.

While Obama has quite the impressive record of numerous stupid controversies where a few people got killed, Bush has got a record of tons of people getting killed. Honestly, I don’t want to debate the preferred leader between Hitler and Genghis Khan. When it comes to the details, I really want to bang my head against a wall too much to care.


The Nature Of Politics

FordNixonBushReaganCarterI hate to bum you out even further but the problem doesn’t only go back to Bush. Just look into the Clinton presidency. Clinton almost got impeached for sexually harassing an intern. There was also the Whitewater investment scandal and plenty other problems.

I haven’t done thorough research for this article but I can virtually guarantee you that every president has had a reasonable list of scandals. Those scandals may be getting more frequent but that is to be expected.

American’s are taught to believe that the democratic republic America uses is somehow devoid of the problems of other government systems. I can’t remember being taught one negative thing about the system in school.

Democracies and republics are loaded with problems. To keep it simple, I’m just going to focus on the presidency and a few of the points I consider important.

First of all, people elected president have no obligation to follow through with political promises. That means, people running for president can claim whatever they want, as long as it’s believable. Obama can say he will end the war fast and get the anti-war voters votes but when he takes his sweet time getting the troops home, there is no problem.

That lack of obligation means it’s to the politicians benefit to lie. The politician with the most willingness to lie is the politician that has the greatest advantage. This, of course, happens at every level of politics slowly weeding out the honest people.

Then, you have to consider the fact that unborn children can’t vote. That means it’s in every politicians interest to please the voters of today by tossing the unborn children down the river through excessive spending and debt. It will never be possible to get unborn children’s votes, so, the can will continue to get kicked year in and year out.

This barely even scratches the surface of the list of problems but these alone can virtually collapse the system. The more this system grows, the more these problems are going to come into play. The more these problems come into play, the more of these controversies we’re going to see coming up.


The Next One

This article can seem a little too political for this blog. It certainly is but I swear, I have an important point.

The election racket is coming. The news stations are going to be bringing up election detail after election detail soon but you’ve got to keep your head on straight. None of these politicians are going to do anything good for America. If they were going to do something good, they couldn’t get elected in the first place.
Do not waste your time worrying about the elections this year. The politicians will all be promising you less violence, less obtuseness, and less government but they will all bring you more. You deserve to spend your time doing things more meaningful than paying attention to election coverage.

I know. It can be kind of like giving up porn or some other addiction. To this day, when I see a news station discussing the political scene I get curious but it doesn’t lead to anything. It’s just another form of pornography. They’re trying to keep you in awe so they can make more money off you.

The election is a big game but the winners and losers are already chosen. No, I’m not saying the election is rigged. I’m saying that, no matter who wins or loses the election, you’re going to be the one losing.

You have better things to do with your life. Turn off the election coverage.

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