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April 18, 2015 by Liberty

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One thought on “Libertarian Money is your source for daily libertarian leaning… Porcupine Pics

  1. fred says:

    It`s republicans who are the financial controlling fascists and pseudo libertarians wittering on about free but actually fixed markets, suprise, suprise, by their own selves ! Take a look as to why in such a rich country you have so much inequality in all aspects of your society even worse than ours.The people who actually work and produce wealth have been robbed by paper shuffling drone jobs worth`s doing the bidding of their corporate masters and the private cabal of the fed. Ask your created poor who is responsible for their liberty being denied if you dare without being labled by that boring cop out phase “oh he`s a commie so we don`t have to answer him or her” or shot dead by some bible punching sociopathic maniac waving an RPG around and screeching this is American freedom. The rotten corrupt heart of America is known by who and why despite every form of pathetic propaganda and transparent socio/economic engineering that denies the real common people the truth and their rightfully earned place of justice , equality of opportunity, security of home, work and health. Start using your obnoxious death penalty policy on thieving corporate CEO`s That den of gangsters you call The Fed, shut down Goldman Sachs , Morgan Stanley, Hedge fund gamblers, market riggers. Make the CIA serve it`s people properly and not use it`s despicable grubby little hands despoiling nations stabilities just because it does not suit the shadow greed and power mongers you have creating a more and more dangerous world. Wipe out the Rothschilds dynasty the build nations up and break em down brigade who increase their power and wealth via both processes. Do all all that and I might just about consider you might have something valid to say.

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