Libertarianism As An Excuse

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June 22, 2015 by Liberty

This article is definitely targeting one person in particular. That person happens to be myself. Based on some of the emails I’ve received, I’m pretty sure it will help at least a few of my readers. While it’s not a problem all libertarians have, it’s definitely a problem I’ve seen in myself and a few of my friends.

At that point I was convinced listening to professors online was going to drive me nuts. I’d started to listen to college lectures online to learn a little while I’m doing my most boring work but I’d run into a problem. Virtually all professors sounded like complete idiots for at least a few sentences every lecture.

Over the years since college I’ve learned to listen for people talking out of their ass. It’s usually a rather basic skill once you understand the basics of any particular subject. It’s often distinguishable by the words always or never. Sometimes it’s putting words in the mouth of people that couldn’t speak. (“The people of the country supported this idea.” Oh… so you have polls? No? So you have the writings of the average person? No? So you have writings of rich people saying they support it? What the hell does that prove?)

Now this kind of talk can be annoying but it happens. I’m sure I do it myself. I can take note of stupid statements but it really shouldn’t bother me all that much. It never seemed to dramatically change the content that I was trying to learn either. It just a mild flavor to it.

Despite that, it was making me want to give up listening to these professors speak completely. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why until I realized how stupid my excuse for trying to quit really was. Ultimately, maybe I was right but more likely, I was just being lazy.

I find this is a problem that I have when it comes to my libertarianism.

The World Is Against Productivity

I regularly find myself reassessing whether or not the work I’m doing is really worth doing. I end up thinking about all the horrible things around me.

I see people that milk the government for every penny of their survival. They quit jobs because they’re making too much to qualify for welfare. They work less so they don’t screw with their social security payments. They apply for jobs they won’t get just to keep qualifying for unemployment paychecks. Of course, all this money they’re taking is (in theory) coming from good old taxpayers like myself.

(God forbid the richest age group pay for their own retirement expenses. It’s not like they had 65 years to prepare for it and all. Then they need even more subsidies through Obamacare to force the young to subsidize their health insurance too.)

Then we have the government officials lying through their teeth about all of this. They blatantly lie as they’re running for elections and never have to face any consequences for it. Quite frankly, in any other field, lies like they tell could easily constitute fraud. They say, “I’ll do this if you give me this.” They do this on camera repeatedly. Then, when the day comes to hold up their end of the bargain, the media doesn’t even ask why they don’t.

Why Try?

All these thoughts eventually just drain down into a rut.

I start to think, what’s the point? From a financial perspective it makes me go semi-galt. I start thinking, well, what’s the point of working more hours? I’m reasonably comfortable and they’ll just take more money from me.

Of course, me giving more money to the system is just giving them more excuses to expand it. In reality, my chump change probably hardly changes anything but it still can feel that way.

Everytime I try to point a few of these facts out, suddenly everyone around me acts like I’m the bad guy. They’re the ones pointing guns around claiming the right to do whatever they want. They’re the ones supporting extortion. But somehow, almost everyone in the world refuses to see this and I get the social stigma.

It can feel like it’s completely pointless to do anything. When your brain gets spinning down this drain you know you’re going down. You can’t be productive when you feel like everyone in the world in screwing you over hopelessly. Fortunately though, despite what you may have been told, the world is not screwing you over hopelessly. It’s screwing you over but it’s not even close to hopeless.

Extra Knowledge

Understanding libertarianism is not a burden. It’s not something that you should suffer through. It’s something that you should take pleasure from. It’s extra knowledge. Extra knowledge probably never has to be a problem. You can almost always use it for your own benefit.

Heck, imagine you’re notified by some supernatural entity that you’re going to die next Thursday at noon. Assuming you actually know this entity is right, there are two extremes you can fall into. The first extreme is depression. Your life is over and you can whine and think about that. The second extreme is having more fun than you could possibly imagine while maxing out your credit cards.

When you have extra knowledge you can suffer through it or you can try and use that extra knowledge productively.

Libertarians tend to see the way people milk the system. Having seen this, libertarians can sit around depressed or learn to milk the system themselves in the same way as other people, or if they want, in a different way. That can sound bad but that’s the nature of survival.

For example, investing in gold because you think the dollar is in trouble is milking the system. You’re taking knowledge you have about the system and profiting off it. If you invest your money right, you can end up becoming a very rich person after the dollar gets in trouble.

Libertarianism is not a good excuse to get lazy. It’s a poke in the back saying to get active. Start thinking. Use this knowledge for something productive.

As hard as you try, you probably can’t change the world by talking to people, the most impact you can probably make is leading by example. If people see libertarians as unsuccessful whiners then who can blame them for not changing their ways. Libertarianism is knowledge about the world that most people don’t have. Using that knowledge you can dramatically improve your life fast. Use it.

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