How To Become A Sociopath In One Easy Step


January 27, 2014 by Liberty

howtobecomeasociopath3The cruelest men and women among us are not the ones medically defined as sociopaths. Despite the image that movies tend to portray, the people doing the damage are usually just normal people like you or I. The ones committing these acts know this “One Easy Step” to bypassing their human emotions to become even more dangerous than a run-of-the-mill sociopath. Yes, this one method can make the most generous and caring person even more dangerous than your average sociopath.

The Disadvantage of Sociopathy

When sociopaths are portrayed in movies, there usually portrayed as nearly invincible. When they finally are beaten, it often comes down to some heroic teamwork taking them down. This is typically miles from the truth. Diagnosable sociopathy is virtually suicidal.

Normal sociopaths are sitting in cells or dead. The world looks down at murder, theft, and other violent acts. When a sociopath is not intelligent enough to figure this out, the end up driving themselves down a dangerous road that sets themselves up for disaster. Not being smart enough is not a death sentence for most people. For a sociopath, it very well could be.

Smart sociopaths are the ones that most people worry about. These are the CEO’s and politicians manipulating the system for their own benefit. They understand how important it is to not arouse suspicion. They even fake empathy to look more normal.

That is the problem though. No matter how hard a sociopath tries, they remain disabled. They are unable to understand a fundamental human emotion. This is an emotion that allowed people to work together well through history. Sociopaths don’t have the skill of empathy. They will always need to fake it.

This is a skill that you and I take for granted. The average person can empathize without even thinking about it. The sociopath needs to constantly be watching themselves because the moment they let their guard down, they might get caught. One poor choice of words or actions can ruin their facade of empathy. They will always be stuck faking it.

More Dangerous Than Sociopathy

The average human being is significantly more dangerous than the average sociopath. A sociopath lacks the emotions to live their life well. The average person has those emotions. These emotions can be a hindrance. There are times when emotions can seem to get in the way of personal gain but have you ever not listened to your emotions?howtobecomeasociopath2

Everyone has ignored their emotions at one time or another. Perhaps you were terrified of riding your bike but you rode it anyway? Maybe you were angry at your boss but you stayed in control? Maybe you felt guilty but took something you shouldn’t have anyway? Emotions are not controlling the person. The person is controlling the emotions.

Emotions are a tool that can be used. They are not a restriction on ones ability to decide otherwise. Sociopaths are given one option. The average person is given two.

How to become a sociopath is as simple as continuing to do what you already do. You complete this one easy step every single day. All it comes down to is your decision to do it.

What’s more dangerous than sociopathy?


Rationalization is the process of telling yourself a story. Sometimes the story is true. Sometimes the story is false. We all do it. When you have a relative that died you might say, “They were suffering…” or “They’re going to a better place.” You can say these things despite having no actual reason to believe them. Despite that, they can comfort you into feeling better.

If you want to know how to be a sociopath (without the disadvantages) then just learn to rationalize effectively.

If you want to steal from someone, instead of saying that you’re going to steal it from them, say that the person stole it from others. Or say, they were being stupid with their money, they deserve to lose it. Or say, it’s not theft if everyone does it. These are all just stories. You can pick whichever one suits your tastes.

Every time you start to feel a tinge of guilt about something that benefits you, all you need to do is repeat the story. Yes, the story is probably false but as long as you can’t say it’s not true, it might be true. If you have trouble believing that then rationalize it into a believable story too. This eases emotions into a backdrop.

This is how good men do horrible things.

You can lead a man into a gas chamber and still sleep at night by telling yourself you did it for your country, or your kids, or some other good cause. Then, years later, when that person is told about the horrors they’ve done they’ll come up with a new rationalization. They might say they would have gone to prison if they didn’t obey or they might say they didn’t know. This is the backbone of evil.howtobecomeasociopath

A sociopath means almost nothing without hordes of men and women willing to rationalize themselves into their own personal gain.

You now have the one easy step to become a sociopath (or worse.) Sociopaths are only a tiny percentage of the truly disgusting people in this world. They are a speck on the radar. They are not the ones to worry about. Most psychological assessments have agreed that Hitler was not a sociopath. Similar assessments have been done on most of the men we view as the cruelest in history. Suspected sociopaths are few and far between.

How to become more dangerous than a sociopath is as simple as telling a story.

Keep in mind, making the decision to rationalize has its own risks. Right now, the world is pretty well over-run with rationalization but there will always be a minority of people that see your disgusting nature despite your rationalization. You might tell them, “They stole the money from me first.” They will recognize the rationalization and see you for the sociopath you are (or might as well be.)

Recognizing this cruelty is as simple as understanding how it works.

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7 thoughts on “How To Become A Sociopath In One Easy Step

  1. Garry Reed says:

    Unfortunately, based on what I read here every human being in the world, in history, and in the future rationalizes about something somehow sometimes. If you don’t agree with me you’re just rationalizing. But wait, if I don’t agree with you I’m the rationalizer. See how pointless this whole argument is? Imagine that two trolls meet on a discussion thread in an online forum. “I’m right and you’re wrong because you’re just rationalizing!” “No, I’m right and YOU are rationalizing!” If everyone is a rationalizer then everyone is just “normal” and no further discussion is necessary or possible. From what I’ve read on the subject most sociopaths don’t know they’re sociopaths, they just think they’re normal and everyone else is crazy while the few sociopaths who know they’re sociopaths don’t see anything wrong with themselves because they think being a sociopath just makes them superior to other people. So there seems to be no meaningful difference between any of them, rationalizers or sociopaths. Or anything meaningful about this article. “Most psychological assessments have agreed that Hitler was not a sociopath.” But what if those psychological assessors are rationalizing? See?

    • crbn says:

      Nah, you didn’t convinced Me. You are rationalizing in a way so that you can miss the real point and push your way. The point is: overcome the sense of guilt. Fact: if someone (who is normal, non-sociopathic) is going to do something wrong then the sense of guilt/anticipatory-fear pops-up. Rationalization by-passes this “block” (that sociopaths don’t have). Simple as it is.

    • jane says:

      …… my mind has exploded

  2. The captain says:

    As a diagnosed Sociopath I can comfortably say this is the most biased piece of bullshit I have ever read. Sure stupid sociopaths might end up in jail, the the smart ones are running your councils, court systems, upper management, schools, hell we are running your country.

    • Liberty says:

      I would not have any arguments against your second point. Perhaps I see it as slightly exaggerated but nothing to quibble over.

      I agree. Smart ones have a ton of power. My point is that a good sociopath will never have the skill of empathy. That limits them to some extent. (The smarter they are, the less it will limit them.) And, someone with empathy can use empathy and not use it whenever they want. That makes them more dangerous than a sociopath.

      Maybe I am biased though. Damn empathy always getting in the way.

  3. spoon says:

    Reed, you really didn’t get it.

    • Garry Reed says:

      Spoon, Here’s what I do get.

      Many, many years ago, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was married to a sociopath in my younger years. My wife was lively and humorous and appeared to be “normal” in every way except that over the years it became clear that she was totally devoid of positive emotions, utterly incapable of giving or receiving love, compassion, empathy, sympathy. Because of that she had no way to distinguish between what we normally think of as “right” and “wrong.” She was neither moral nor immoral but simply amoral. And because of that she could never express remorse, shame, guilt, or even simple regret when she betrayed me, family members and friends. She had no concept of “betrayal” since her psychopathy only identified her own needs and wants and desires as relevant motivators for her values and actions.

      She faked emotions, was never physically violent, and never acted like sociopaths are depicted in the movies. In later years she became more and more verbally angry, hateful, and frequently enraged, so that she could no longer hide her sociopathy.

      In recent years I’ve read deep and wide into the medical/psychological definitions of the frequently interchangeable concepts of “sociopath” and “psychopath.” I realize now that she perfectly fits virtually every question in every test ever devised to help identify sociopaths/psychopaths.

      The most important thing to understand about a sociopath and a rationalizer is this:

      A rationalizer consciously or unconsciously chooses to deny certain feelings while a sociopath simply DOES NOT HAVE those feelings. A rationalizer, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, can be approached, turned around, redeemed while a sociopath never can be. By definition a rationalizer still has what we may call a heart, a soul, a sense of humanity that he is denying while all that a sociopath has is a large black hole where normal people have heart, soul, humanity.

      THAT is what makes sociopaths always and forever more dangerous than rationalizers. THAT is the definitional difference between the two and THAT is what is necessary to “get.”

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