Don’t Be A “Conspiracy Nut”


January 5, 2015 by Liberty

Perhaps this is just coming from the chip implanted in me by the lizard people but I’ve changed my opinion about many major conspiracies over the last year. Sure, I didn’t give too much credence to “conspiracy theories” before, but recently my line has become even more clear.

My new opinion is: They don’t matter.

One friend of mine was discussing the case suggesting 9/11 was suspicious. He kept telling me, “the people deserve to know the truth.” Of course, I could never get him to clarify why they deserved that answer (even assuming there was an answer to be found.)

I know… I know… that might sound a little cruel but please let me make my case.

Conspiracy Labeling

First things first: Conspiracy is a loaded word. People don’t call conspiracies that are proven true conspiracies anymore. The fact that I’m using the word conspiracy implies that whatever I’m discussing is complete bunk. If the conspiracy is ever proven to be true, the word conspiracy is never used by a mainstream source. It’s now a scandal (at best.)

In fact, after conspiracies are proven (or more commonly, partially proven) true most major sources downplay the fact that the information was called conspiracy in the first place. Some sources even argue against something being considered a conspiracy after it took place. (“Well, all the information was public. And this was common practice at the time. That means it wasn’t a conspiracy.” Of course, this ignores the fact that it was labeled a conspiracy by those same sources before.)

In reality, most conspiracy theories are wrong. That’s the nature of putting together limited amounts of evidence. The organization committing the conspiracy has all the information to create their story. The person trying to put the limited pieces together is going to have an imperfect perception of what actually happened. If they’re even able to accurately put a suspicious piece or two together then it should be considered a valuable pursuit in hindsight. Sure, they may have only been 10% right but that was when they were considered completely wrong by virtually every source.

As soon as the mainstream is willing to label a belief a conspiracy, the battle is already lost. The word conspiracy has such a negative connotation that 95% of the population shuts down when they hear it.

Most people do not care about facts. Facts will not change their mind. Hell, to even get the average person to listen to a conspiracy requires a major emotional plea. In my opinion, it is a waste of time that could be used making a proven case against government.

Better Options

You don’t need 9/11 to be an inside job to prove that government is a violent organization. All of these major government conspiracies are the worst possible evidence available against government. Just looking back at the Obama administration I can list 6 or 7 major scandals that proved there was a problem. Go back to Bush and you’ll find plenty more. These aren’t unproven theories, these are proven cases. (IRS, Gunrunning, Solyndra, etc.)
If you choose to bring up a conspiracy, you’re instantly attacking your own credibility in their mind. It’s kind of like a car salesman saying, “Well, you do live close to work so you probably don’t need a car but have I got the car for you!” It’s doing nothing but hurting your chances of making the sale.

Sure, there isn’t anything wrong with a couple people privately putting together a theoretical case about what may have happened but that case is little more than an intellectual exercise. It’s more for entertainment than practical value.

I know that you think people have the right to know. I think that would be good too but quite frankly, most people could know if they chose to. Most conspiracies that are ultimately proven true have plenty of facts to back them up before being officially admitted. The information is either there or not. It’s everyone’s personal choice whether or not to access it.

Most people choose not to access it. (By the way people discussing conspiracies are treated, can you really blame them?)

Hell, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t make the case.

Assume It’s Proven

Let’s say you’re a 9/11 truther. Imagine that 9/11 is proven to be an inside job. So much evidence shows up that no one can possibly ignore the claim that it’s 100% true. The media announces it as true. What will happen then?

People will be outraged. The public will want heads to roll. Where will they go to get these heads rolling? Straight to the same people that got them outraged. They’re going to go harass government to get to the middle of this story.

Government is then going to do exactly what it did before. It’s going to tell a story. It’s going to pick a few scapegoats and blame them completely for the problem. Those people may even get a serious charge pressed against them.

Then, of course, government is going to need to create a new agency to prevent another conspiracy like that happening. Perhaps they’d create a government oversight board. Whatever they do, it’s going to get applauded by the media despite it just being another layer of government that can just as easily be corrupted. It’s just more of the problem.

But… I’m misleading you a little because none of that will happen.

No one ever does anything when these things are proven true. The truth is, government probably won’t need to roll heads. Government probably won’t even create a new layer of oversight. A small minority will rage. Government will pander. And ultimately, even the lies they tell will barely change.

Repeatedly, government has admitted conspiracies piece by piece decades later to silent audiences. There is no uproar. It’s old new by then.

This can be an unbelievably hard idea to accept but there are better things you could be doing to help solve the problems for whatever your conspiracy you’re worried about. Why waste your time making the impossible case when you could be making the proven case? You have better things to do with your life then trying to prove something to people that really don’t want to know.

No, your investigation won’t gain respect when you have enough proof. The investigators proven right after decades of work are ignored. In proven conspiracies, the proof is usually just a random official admitting it while they ignore the decades of research into proving it.

I really think you have better things to do with your life.

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One thought on “Don’t Be A “Conspiracy Nut”

  1. Garry Reed says:

    I’ve been saying for awhile in a few articles that we should ignore all conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, Rothschilds, Masons, etc because they’re utterly irrelevant without government. What major harm can any of them do without owning and using governments to do their dirty work? Everywhere in the world and throughout history government has always been the most open, obvious, incredibly easiest conspiracy to see. Government, in fact, has always been the only important PROVEN conspiracy in human history when it comes to destroying lives and the only people who seem to understand it are people who chose to understand it. Government conspiracies operate openly because 99% of humanity are convinced that they have more to gain than they have to lose from governments so they embrace rather than reject them. Who needs conspiracy theories when we have actual conspiracies everywhere all around us?

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